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The official NATO website placed a statement that currently 4 countries, including Ukraine, have declared their intentions to become members of the North Atlantic Alliance in the future.
NNA - Russia is highly likely to intervene in the Baltic states to test NATO's collective defense commitment, the former head of the Atlantic alliance was quoted as saying by Britain's Daily Telegraph on Friday.
He said that NATO remains committed to the policy of "open doors" for all countries willing to join the North Atlantic Alliance.
I was not in fact alluding to the paper thinness of the Atlantic alliance between the USA and the UK.
Paet believes that designation of Estonia for the diplomatic role in Central Asia testifies of trust of the North Atlantic Alliance to Estonia.
Founded in 1955, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) serves as the consultative inter-parliamentary organisation for the North Atlantic Alliance.
members of the Alliance to reiterate support to Georgia's integration to the North Atlantic Alliance and make steps in the direction of
As a member of NATO, Romania is obliged to have and maintain fighter jets that are compatible with those of its allies in the Atlantic Alliance.
Summary: Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan opened the headquarters of the UAE mission at the North Atlantic Alliance (Nato) in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Friday.
Sten Rynning, University of Southern Denmark NATO stated while presenting a lecture on the topic of "After Afghan Combat: Does Atlantic Alliance have an Asian Future" at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI) on Wednesday.
In addition to the historical dimension, the relations between Morocco and the Atlantic Alliance are distinguished by their regularity and concrete aspect which is mirrored through Morocco's active commitment to all bilateral and multilateral political meetings of the Mediterranean Dialogue," the minister said at the meeting of NATO heads of state and government with the Alliance's partner countries.
These policy makers, according to Reyn, viewed the Atlantic alliance not as a simple military response to the perceived insecurity of the Cold War, but rather as a long-standing ideological and cultural construction that should bind Europe and the United States ever more closely.
The 13 papers review the activities of two organizations: the Centre for South East European Studies, and the Centre for Black Seas Security Studies, which were feted by the Atlantic alliance in June and again in July of 2009.
Attack helicopters under NATO command were used for the first time on 4 June 2011 in military operations over Libya as part of Operation Unified Protector," the Atlantic Alliance said in a statement.
Important contributions by the Council include: identifying and shaping responses to major issues facing the Atlantic Alliance and transatlantic relations;building consensus on U.
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