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according to legend, an island in the Atlantic Ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake

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Critique: A brilliant and terrifically entertaining read, "The Atlantian Chronicles: Atlantis Rising" is science fiction adventure at it's very best.
A believer in reincarnation he sent expeditions to Tibet and the American tropics in search of the original Aryans and even Atlantians.
He starts his recollection by introducing us to two Tasharans (humans), two Atlantians, one Lyspen and a living technology.
He risks exposing the other Atlantians trying to save the drowning woman in the diaphanous white dress.
That enterprise too, like the enterprise of the Atlantians, was a maritime adventure by an imperial sea power, and it too was defeated by a single city standing alone against a mighty enemy, and the defeat led to the permanent decline of the imperial invader.