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according to legend, an island in the Atlantic Ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake

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In the first example, it is clear that the Troy military guards would have the right to use force to defend themselves against the aggressive acts committed by Atlantean civilians.
Guests can travel through mazes of underground tunnels and passageways bringing them into close contact with the advanced inventions of the ancient Atlanteans.
Guests travel through mazes of underground tunnels and passageways bringing them into close contact with the advanced inventions of the ancient Atlanteans.
Collecting all the crystals of power and bringing them back to the Altar of Poseidon, will appease the patron god of the Atlanteans and return peace and prosperity to the fabled sunken continent.
Atlanteans favor common sense and most notably universal health care.
Building on such dubious second-hand (if not purely fabricated) material, and projecting ancient and contemporary indigenous mythologies on to a period in the history of the planet that actually predates human life by eons, Wilkins entertains the possibility that--the Atlanteans having been "a dispassionate, cold-blooded, scientific caste-ruling type" (80)--the denizens of their now-dead cities might have discovered electricity, understood gravity, and created flying machines with military applications.
If Bacon's scientia requires the breaking or rupturing of a hymenal surface of the earth, it's a very thick one indeed-one that plummets deeper than the Atlanteans can dig and extends as high as they can climb.
I do accept that a god-belief is very real for many people, but never having found any evidence in the natural world for gods, ghosts, gurus, astrologers, Atlanteans, homoeopathists, and the whole ocean of non-natural beliefs, I decided that I could join the community of nonbelievers and skeptics who call themselves atheists.
If they are not explicitly identified as alien settlers, non-human intelligences that have lived invisibly alongside human beings, inhabiting secret plateaus or living underground in the hollow earth, and like the Lemurians and Atlanteans sometimes even evolving before us, are not aliens.
One theory holds that Fawcett lost his memory and lived the rest of his life as chief of a tribe of cannibals, while another posits that he found the ancient city and took up residence there with a group of surviving Atlanteans who have been entrusted with the role of guarding the planet.
If flying saucers are passe you can always wait for the return of Atlantis - don't forget, Atlanteans built the Sphinx squillions of years ago.
Each new world is filled with hundreds of amazing creatures, including a rainbow of fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, mermaids, turtles, Atlanteans and even dinosaurs.
Can Milo rescue the Atlanteans from the greedy, violent invaders and, indeed, save at least some of the villains from themselves?
Find out whether Atlanteans still exist and discover the extraordinary power that could change humankind forever in a game packed with puzzles and amazing graphics.
Plato, who coined the name Atlantis, said that the empire had been in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was sunk by Zeus after the Atlanteans had offended the gods.