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according to legend, an island in the Atlantic Ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake

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Most relevant to the point under discussion, however, are Wilkins's speculations about the frightening scientific curiosity and expertise of the Atlanteans, and the quasi-apocalyptic potential of their inventions.
Despite the ecumenical breadth of inquiry into the nature of bodies in Sylva Sylvaruvn, the physical skin or integument is almost entirely absent from Bacon's natural history--as it is in New Atlantis, where its most conspicuous occurrence is in the "brewhouse;' where the Atlanteans "strive to have drinks of extreme thin parts, to insinuate into the body [.
Linguistics expert Marc Okrand, who dreamed up Vulcan and Klingon languages for the sci-fi series Star Trek, was brought in to create an Atlantean tongue.
Rather more difficult to knock down is the argument that these sophisticated Atlanteans established colonies in different parts of the world using a global grid.
Recent examinations of cave paintings and bone engravings, Ellis writes, appear to demonstrate that man had domesticated the horse and produced a harness or bridle during what could have been Atlantis' era, which makes the notion of Atlantean horse-racing seem plausible.
Other attractions include The Lost Chambers, an underwater wonderland experience which includes over 20 marine habitats and 65,000 fish and marine life, as well as Atlanteans, the touch tanks filled sea life.
Governed by a Board of Wizards, Atlanteans were taking refuge in their inner cities.
Well we see the introduction of a new race for one, the Atlanteans which in many ways resemble the Greeks but can gather their resources faster and have much stronger units than other races.
AN entire new language was created for the Atlanteans to speak.
In the Villa Dino Sunday Plate, Cwmbran Athletic defeated Atlanteans 4-2 with S Hughes, I Smith, G Williams and K Burns scoring for Cwmbran and D Green and A Jones for Atlanteans.
Players work to influence and harness the awesome powers of the Titan gods as the Atlanteans surface and battle their way through "Age of Mythology: The Titans," due in stores this fall.
Atlanteans lost 7-2 to The Marlborough, with Keiron Pimm and Anthony Jones scoring for Atlanteans.