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(Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders

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the 1st cervical vertebra

a figure of a man used as a supporting column


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Leyland Atlantean, at Speke Hall Picture: DMC1947 Rugby League star Thomas Leuluai Picture: BLURAY1878
Interestingly, both Hoffmann, in his description of an Atlantean Wonderland, and Carter, in her satiric imitation of Hoffmann's characteristic imagery, prominently feature the teeming vitality of insect life in the course of their respective figurations of imaginative process.
The Atlantean houses have been understood by many critics to represent Bacon's vision for an English academy or society of science, which is all the more reason to note the peculiar way in which each of these houses produces imitations and amplifications of natural objects and phenomena with the express purpose of disorientation or deception.
The other photograph (above) was taken at the former Sandy Lane bus garage more than 40 years ago and shows a line-up of newly-delivered Leyland Atlantean rear-engine, front-entrance buses.
The Sub-Mariner, the child of a human and an Atlantean, possesses unique winged feet that mark him as an outsider to both cultures; Bizarro is a funhouse mirror version of Superman, whom he idolizes even though he is his opposite.
XEFFIEZABBASHABUI the Anteater Devil of ancient Atlantean mythology who caused the island of Atlantis to sink by raining one hundred thousand million billion trillion ants on it
To celebrate the video and DVD release of Atlantis: The Lost Empire on March 4, we've teamed up with Disney to offer one lucky family the chance to win an action-packed day out in London with an Atlantean theme.
A short journey aboard a super-sub later and Milo and the band of mercenaries who've survived the attack by a mechanical leviathan find themselves in the midst of the Atlantean marvels.
Linguistics expert Marc Okrand, who dreamed up Vulcan and Klingon languages for the sci-fi series Star Trek, was brought in to create an Atlantean tongue.
Fox) gets a guided tour of the ancient world from Atlantean Princess Kida, voiced by Cree Summer.
Or, worse, here come the blissed-out New-Agers with their past-lives and hotlines to Atlantean beings with too many vowels in their names, visualizing world peace.
She is excellent on the tension in Bacon between veiling and revelation, on his providential history and vision of human empire, and on the relevance of his recent disgrace to New Atlantean politics.
Ruins, chambers and underwater corridors will summon the curious and reveal, perhaps, the stolen moments of Atlantean life.
This ripening underwater investment poses the question of who owns the artificial Atlantean domains: the utilities, the states, or the federal government?
Kennedy International Airport to Nassau, Bahamas and transported to Atlantis, Paradise Island, where he was temporarily submerged into the Ruins Lagoon, the resort's largest marine habitat complete with Atlantean artifacts and more than 50,000 marine animals to replicate the role play adventures of underwater explorers in the LEGO sets.