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(Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders

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the 1st cervical vertebra

a figure of a man used as a supporting column


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Huddersfield had models of both 6299 and 6300, although the liveries of these two models weren't exactly the same, and the model bus is based on a Metrobus, not an Atlantean.
The author is also a longtime Atlantean and documents both past history and its lasting impact on the city and the South, showing that the historic 'wrecking' didn't end with the city's takeover, but continued long into its occupation.
It felt good to spend forty dollars on a two-gallon aquarium, colorful pebbles, a miniature Atlantean castle, and a plastic clump of seaweed, knowing that Hugo would have a better life with me; it felt even better to do so knowing that it would leave others perplexed and maybe a bit awed.
One day, a mob of Atlantean citizens gathers around the main gate to the base and hurls rotten fruit and stones inside the base's perimeter.
The Lost Chambers Suites, namely Poseidon and Neptune, each offer an opportunity to act out your own Atlantean adventure in your room.
city DMC1947's picture of a Leyland Atlantean, at Speke Hall, is included for simple nostalgia's sake.
Downing states, has a magic that "is descended somehow from lost Atlantean magic, not from the sorcery of the Renaissance" (411).
THE inventor of the Atlantean language also made up Vulcan and Klingon in Star Trek.
Some of the identities she cultivated in her theater piece Education of the Girlchild were "the voice of the 80-year-old human, the voice of the 800-year-old human, the voice of the 8-year-old human; Celtic, Mayan, Incan, Hebrew, Atlantean, Arabic, Slavic, Tibetan roots, the voice of the oracle the voice of memory.
Atlantean Arthur Curry is also a member of the Justice League of America.
Namor, heir to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis--the son of an Atlantean princess and a human sea captain--rejected his human heritage.
Consider teaching about ratio via an Atlantean Dodgeball video where one coach does not understand the concept of ratio and how it will affect the outcome of the game.
It also symbolises the road that Edinburgh Festival-goers must take from the shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, travelling westwards towards the Celtic Atlantean shorelines.
He learns that Atlantis had reached a point in its development where aliens called Entarians were in contact and influenced the Atlantean culture and technology.
Many have wondered what to make of the prologue to the Timaeus (17a-27b), with its Atlantean allusions and a seemingly meandering setting of the stage which eventually gives way to a monotone exposition by the eponymous interlocutor.