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a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it

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The Pass It Forward campaign is a fun way for us to bring local goodwill in a 'surprise and delight' manner, with the goal that it will inspire Atlantans to rally in turn, doing something nice for others," shares Jonathan LeCompte, president of Verizon Wireless' Georgia/Alabama Region.
McDonald says the estimated 97,000 new jobs created during the Olympics will be short-lived, and the estimated $4 billion in revenue generated by the games will not benefit low-income Atlantans.
The Olympics offer a unique opportunity to educate not only Atlantans, but the world as well.
For some time, Loudermilk hunted in the area on leased land with a group of fellow Atlantans under the auspices of the Peachtree Rod and Gun Club.
When cut off, Atlantans are more likely to gesture crudely (rather than just taking a deep breath, or changing lanes) than other drivers, ranking at 14.
The group empowers Atlantans to recognize the city's potential and to participate in fostering the growth of its dynamic, fertile communities.
The City of Atlanta will begin the third and final round of public information meetings this week to educate Atlantans on the infrastructure needs of the City and the infrastructure bond vote scheduled for March 17, 2015.
Mark McKenna and Gianine Abdallah are named 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans (2014) by Jezebel Magazine (modernluxury.
49ers (-3) at Falcons: In a world gone mad, the Georgia Dome would be filled with high-society Atlantans watching the newfangled Falcons slap down the casino gold-digging 49ers to take over first place in the NFC West.
By the time shocked Atlantans watched breakfast TV broadcasts describing the crash of TWA Flight 800, extra security measures had been put in place.
Braves baseball and Coca-Cola are both sources of pride for Atlantans, so we do all we can to enhance the fan experience at Turner Field.
Chill & Body will feature the next generation of Whole Body Cryotherapy for Atlantans with a Cryotherapy chamber engineered and manufactured in metro Atlanta by Atlanta-based Impact Cryotherapy.
The Welcoming Atlanta initiative builds upon the existing priorities for the city public safety, welfare, economic development, civic engagement and education and in so doing, will not only create an environment that is welcoming to new arrivals, but a stronger community for all Atlantans.
It's where metro Atlantans can now come together to strengthen communities, inspire action and enrich lives.
In fact, Jackson is the first mayor in Atlanta's history to be committed to ensuring that all Atlantans shared in the responsibilities and the rewards of cultivating its bounty.