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a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it

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Every Atlantan deserves to live in a safe and healthy home and I am confident our board will help us achieve this worthwhile mission," concludes Kesler.
More than 6000 Atlantans have learned their HIV status through ARCA's HIV testing program.
On the Greek island of Santorini, she discovers Atlantans were big on pottery and wall paintings.
Per capita, Atlantans consume almost 3000 litres of gasoline a year, whereas the residents of Barcelona use less than 240.
The marketing push compares the AJC with other media outlets highlighting such points as the Sunday edition reaches more than twice as many Atlantans as the top-rated TV show, American Idol.
Metro Atlantans dropped off book bags and school supplies at Kroger stores in 13 Atlanta Counties.
For Atlantans, Ikea has a free CFL recycling program, and recycling bins can be found at their individual store locations.
A billboard in downtown Atlanta across the street from Turner Broadcasting headquarters gives you an idea of how little chance even Atlantans gave the Hawks against the Celtics.
is the reaction by some less-than-articulate Atlantans.
4) Black and white Atlantans, of course, crafted different narratives of the riot and different interpretations of its significance, but Godshalk is most interested in another version of events: the one that circulated in the national media and made its way into the national consciousness.
com), the place to be gay for where-it's-at Atlantans.
This classic dilemma (little government funding and desired civic participation) called for a comprehensive, cost-effective way to capture the diverse views of Atlantans and report the complex needs of each region.
Perceiving the civil rights movement as a fundamental threat to their rights as homeowners, taxpayers, businesspeople, and citizens, a growing number of white Atlantans began to subscribe to an explicit ideology of individualism, privatization, freedom of association, and distrust of the federal government to bolster their ongoing white supremacy.
On Sunday, I attend church, like so many other Atlantans.
This history of a complex urban society speaks volumes about the struggles black Atlantans endured to reach their gods of achievement.