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a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it

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RTA invites its fellow Atlantans to join them as they make a sustainable community impact by revitalizing low-income homes.
Every year, we have the pleasure of welcoming thousands of Atlantans on board our fleet of cruise ships, so we want to bring a bit of our ships to the city, just in time for summer.
Silver & MOESER, supra note 201, at 22 ("Even without the powerful legal tool of zoning, white and black Atlantans proved adept at guiding the process of black residential growth in conformity with the prescription in the 1922 plan through the use of deed restrictions and an assortment of racially sensitive real estate practices.
Washington High School gave African American Atlantans the means to pursue a secondary education.
At first unaware that Coke guarded its secret formula, he was helped by Harold Hirsch, a Jewish Atlantan and a corporate lawyer at Coca-Cola.
Long time Atlantan Teri Levine focuses her creative attention on the positive, resulting in a body of work that is bold, colorful and expressive.
Hammond, 2002, 147] Adair's accomplishments were written up in the local African American owned newspaper, the Atlanta Daily World saying "Leading Atlanta citizens as well as faculty members of Morehouse College express themselves as highly elated over the progress of this young Atlantan and predict a great future for him in the business and economic world.
The Atlantan quartet swept the polls last year with the release of The Hunter, an album which should catapult them through the stratosphere.
During the Battle of the Bulge I was loaned, along with an Atlantan named Ernie Welch, the Fourth Infantry Division CIC team.
Liv's has also been featured in Jezebel magazine, the Atlantan and many more
is a community of 30,000-plus people set in the foothills of north Georgia, an exit sign on 1-75 between Chattanooga, Term, and the Atlantan sprawl.
My father was an Atlantan, but my mother and her family are from rural Alabama.
Atlantan Quarantined with Deadly TB Strain; CDC Issues Rare Isolation Order; Air Passengers Warned.
Things have not gone as expected and with no trophies it has been frustrating," admitted the accomplished Atlantan, a player determined to ensure a difficult campaign is completed on a positive note with a home court triumph in domestic basketball's showpiece event.
Logline: Kyra Sedgwick stars as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, an acerbic, unkempt, junk-food-munching Atlantan who riles virtually the entire LAPD by heading up the Priority Murder Squad with her brusque sense of authority, her by-the-book attitude and her casual brilliance at cajoling confessions from suspects.