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a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it

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Taken together, these vistas bespeak the tremendous draw that has fueled big population growth in Atlanta and much of the rest of the Sun Belt.
Atlanta, GA Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart: 7:30pm.
Since the election of Maynard Holbrook Jackson as Atlanta's first African American Mayor in 1973, Atlanta has become one of the nation's focal points for growth among African American businesses and tourism.
A sophisticated metropolis of more than 4 million people--including a strong Latin American community - Atlanta is known for its "can-do" civic spirit.
American Forests recently spoke to Joel Cowan, chairman of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), about the issues facing Atlanta as it grows and develops.
I found it hard not to love Atlanta when I lived there from 1990 to 1993 as a reporter.
But in the aftermath of Atlanta, several local Olympians returned to the shadows of their toil, and there faced the toughest foe of all: nothingness.
Bayor's Race & the Shaping of Twentieth Century Atlanta is a marvelous study of the role of race in the development of Atlanta.
The Olympic Games going on right now in Atlanta represent a major financial boon to the city's business community and civic leaders.
Forrestal, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, before the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, U.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta will offer its funders direct access to Foundation Source's complete suite of administrative, technology and support services, and will pass along to its funders the service discounts made available by Foundation Source.
October 9, 2004 Atlanta, GA Nia Jam: Always the 2nd Saturday of the month.
These days, Atlanta is home to over 60,000 minority owned businesses, thanks to organizations like the Atlanta Business League, headed by executive director Leona Barr Davenport.
Atlanta, Georgia, is where the world's trade leaders come when they want to do business.
But can this positive energy make Atlanta a sustainable city?