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THE MAN who nearly knocked Pete Sampras out of Wimbledon last year faces Atilla The Hun on his reappearance today.
those who have Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea and Uzbekistan stamped on their passports as their place of birth and who are no more English than Osama bin Laden or Atilla the Hun.
his alien friend, toss out historical tidbits about Atilla the Hun, the Yalta Conference and Sir Francis Drake without context or any connection to each other - disjointed little nibbles of snack food for starving minds.
He couldn't handle having to be "a mixture of business manager, Atilla the Hun and Mother Teresa.
it's like Atilla the Hun when they arrive somewhere.
If Wang has a management strategy, the popular wisdom seems to imply, it's probably on permanent loan from Atilla the Hun.
A 2001 USA Network movie on Atilla the Hun reached number 25 and this February's Stephen King miniseries Rose Red made it to number 15.
Aiding an alleged ancestor, Atilla the Hun, to occupy the European Union.
This was a remarkable exercise in containment, picking six defenders and with David Unsworth the most improbable left-winger since Atilla the Hun thought about power-sharing.
Going into the ring, even with protective padding, makes the most shapely of them look as sexy as Atilla the Hun in ballet gear.
Mrs Thatcher must be amazed at the idea of a Tory leader doing anything other than dictating from above like Atilla the Hun.