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Athyriaceae Alston Athyrium Roth (E) Athyrium microphyllum (Sm.
2004) divided the Athyriaceae (excluding woodsioid ferns, in their circumscription), by far the largest component in the family, into five subfamilies: Cystopteroideae, Athyrioideae, Deparioideae, Diplazioideae, and Rhachidosoroideae.
1% Oleandraceae 2 2 100% Hemionitidaceae 1 4 25% Athyriaceae 2 30 6.
2006), except for the acceptance of Athyriaceae as distinct from Woodsiaceae.
Our observations confirm earlier records that the Gleicheniaceae, Ophioglossaceae, Pteridaceae and Woodsiaceae (the genera Cystopteris and Diplazium included in the Athyriaceae family by Zhang et al.