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The psychosocial work environment was named as important as personal factors, including but not limited to allergies and diagnosed athsma (Runeson et al.
Volunteer lifesavers went on strike because Staffordshire Ambulance Service stopped them using drugs which could save athsma, epilepsy, child croupe and heart attack victims.
I can just see some pour souls getting dragged into the meat wagons at midnight shouting: "Honest, pal, it's just ma athsma playin' up again
Many people with diabetes, heart disease, athsma and chronic fatigue syndrome have deficient levels of magnesium, which maintains the balance of calcium inside and outside cells.
Beth Hunter, a counsellor at the Centre for Women's Health in Glasgow, said: "Some young women can be pre-disposed to anorexia, in the same way as to athsma or depression.