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an autonomous area in northeastern Greece that is the site of several Greek Orthodox monasteries founded in the tenth century

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also palpitating with interest, burning with grief, stooped towards Athos, to catch, one by one, every word that escaped from him.
It was then," continued Athos, "that the king pronounced the word, `REMEMBER
Athos beheld the movement of his shoulders, which undulated convulsively; he heard the sobs which burst from his overcharged breast.
If it please your majesty," said Athos, bowing to the king, "yes, I will go, sire.
said the king, forgetting all royal etiquette, and throwing his arms around the neck of Athos, "you prove to me that there is a God in heaven, and that this God sometimes sends messengers to the unfortunate who groan on the earth.
Sire," said Athos, "I know nothing more pressing than your majesty's service.
said Athos, opening a casket, from which he drew both gold and jewels, "you see, sire, we are too rich.
Athos went towards the house; but he had hardly reached the parterre, when the entrance gate appeared in a blaze; all the flambeaux stopped and appeared to enflame the road.
de Beaufort leaning on the arm of Athos, they entered the house, followed by Raoul, who walked respectfully and modestly among the officers of the prince, with several of whom he was acquainted.
John Sexton, chairman of the TRC, and chief executive Gillian Carlisle receive Mount Athos from Luca Cumani at Newmarket yesterday
There are occasions when it can be handy to have a cape to fling about moodily and Athos has plenty of those tonight.
As Athos proposes a radical shake-up of the feudal system - a good 100 years before the French Revolution - he also has a tricky encounter with the woman he would have married if Milady hadn't beguiled him.
Athos Miracle Cream is a time-tested cream which has proven excellent results on a wide range of skin conditions, such as, extremely dry skin, cracked, chapped feet and hands, sun damaged skin, wounds, injuries, rashes, burns, skin blisters to name a few.
The Musketeers are Aramis (Santiago Cabrera), D'Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Athos (Tom Burke) and Porthos (Howard Charles) | Sunday slot.
After Mount Athos trotted a lap of the Werribee horse centre where he is based and then worked twice over seven furlongs with stablemate and fellow Cup contender My Quest For Peace Cumani representative in Australia, Charlie Henson said: "He's doing everything right at the moment so we're happy.