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an autonomous area in northeastern Greece that is the site of several Greek Orthodox monasteries founded in the tenth century

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Well, but then," continued Athos, speaking half to himself, "if I kill you, I shall have the air of a boy-slayer.
You confuse me," replied Athos, with his gentlemanly air; "let us talk of something else, if you please.
said Athos, "that's a proposition that pleases me; not that I can accept it, but a league off it savors of the gentleman.
There is another word which pleases me," cried Athos, with a gracious nod to D'Artagnan.
D'Artagnan turned in the direction pointed to by Athos, and perceived Aramis.
said Athos, shrugging his shoulders; "the daughter of Henry IV.
You know, Athos, you never spoke much of such matters.
Ah, mon Dieu, yes, you are right," Athos replied; "but then there must be some occasion for speaking.
I sometimes wonder," replied Athos, smiling at that gayety which recalled the good old days, "that we could form an association of men who would be, after twenty years of separation, still so closely bound together.
said Athos, turning on D'Artagnan a searching look.
Do as you think best, general," replied Athos in a natural tone of voice, making evident that soldier or fisherman was the same to him, and that he had no preference.
Ask him," said Monk to Athos, "where the fishermen are; if I were to speak to him, he would know me.
Athos went up to the soldier, who pointed out the tent to him; immediately Monk and Athos turned towards it.
Your honor may depend upon us," said a voice which made Athos start.
said Monk to Athos, who had turned away, not to expose his face to the light.