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13 January 2017 - US-based Athletic equipment maker Gared Holdings, LLC is undertaking a management- led buyout of the company, led by Kevin Needler, CEO, in partnership with Gen Cap America, Inc.
Anything we raise from the Wish campaign is a bonus and will be put to buying athletic equipment for junior athletes.
When Romain needed additional funds to expand and purchase expensive athletic equipment, he turned to friends and private investors in lieu of more traditional financial institutions, which were less willing to invest in his idea.
One of its lines of business is the operation of a chain of athletic equipment and apparel stores.
Athletic Equipment Manufacturer's Product Going into Dick's Sporting Goods
Tenders are invited for Supply OF Athletic Equipment
The new GearBoss storage system is designed for the unique needs of athletic equipment storage--maximizing space and functionality, while improving inventory management and security.
Currently produced at a pilot plant at Freeport, Texas, the first Infuse grades will be announced by year's end and are aimed at applications from footwear and athletic equipment to diapers and personal-care products.
Miranda's composition for the Scholastic/NFL-sponsored contest described how her fellow students would benefit from the $500 in athletic equipment promised to the winner.
Teachers whose classrooms complete the 12-week program and participate in a Medtronic TC Kids Marathon youth running event are eligible for a $400 athletic equipment gift certificate for their school.
Tenders are invited for category 1: athletic equipment - large athletic equipment, apparatuses, installation, maintenance and repair.
Applications included cushioning materials for car door interior panels as well as packaging and athletic equipment padding.
When Cox joins her sister at Fullerton, perhaps their mother, Lynn, finally will get around to cleaning out a garage filled with athletic equipment.
There will be many local and national organizations who will be showcasing everything from computers to athletic equipment and mobility products to daily living aids - all conveniently displayed to see, test and compare.
athletic equipment and supplies can include the following: badminton, baseball, softball, basketball, sports field paint and related accessories, cages, lockers, gymnasium divider curtains, football, control equipment, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, wrestling mats, tennis, volleyball, wall pads/mats and athletic padding.