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(Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare

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MAKE THE MOST OF MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE "Opt for dual usage furniture that can be folded or expanded to suit your needs," says Athina.
She'd try to "keep things moving," explains Athina.
Tras la ruptura, Athina se ha instalado en la localidad holandesa de Valkenswaard, donde estan sus caballos y tambien los de Doda.
Brown bear Athina (above) takes a look around her new home in Colwyn Bay while sister Fiva (left) takes it all sitting down Pictures: RICHARD WILLIAMS
Athina's mother Christina - daughter of Aristotle - spoiled Athina, dressing her dolls in Dior and even buying the little girl a pounds 6000 miniature Ferrari Testarossa instead of a pram.
The foundation administers the money until Athina reaches her 18th birthday.
In her previous activities, Athina has been an extraordinary asset to the OGC," said Mark Reichardt, OGC's President and CEO, "and we are fortunate indeed to have her on staff now, working full time to advance the goals of the Consortium in Europe.
The then-owners of Be-Be wanted to emigrate to England; Athina knew the place inside out, from her years working there; Loucas knew nothing of toys, but had (and has) a sharp mind for business.
Ed, 24, has been dating foodie Athina Andrelos since early last year and their romance appeared to be going from strength to strength.
With just the sea in the background, the only clue was some Greek writing visible on the back of the ship - ATHNA LIBANOY XIOS - which after a little research I was able to translate as Athina Livanos Chios.
Silver medal displays came from Sophie Steele and Athina Agiolitis in the individuals, while Paige Robson and Jade Thomas joined forces to finish runnersup in the free line dancing pairs show number.
Conceived along the santo lines as that film, as well as those of producer Athina Rachel Tsangari's "Attenberg," Lanthimos' latest offers another heady mix of peculiar occurrences, anthropological and Freudian insights into the human species and contempo society, and a particularly wicked sense of humor.
He said that Miss Onassis's only child, her three-year-old daughter Athina, once described as the world's first billion-dollar baby, would inherit her fortune.
She was born in Worcester, daughter of Diamond and Athina (Kirkakis) Markopoulos.