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a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries

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Abdominal apoplexy is an uncommon disorder most typically due to atheromatous disease.
The observation of superior gluteal artery stenosis in the absence of atheromatous disease suggests the existence of an anatomic cause, and in particular arterial compression at the level of the suprapiriformis canal.
Nevertheless, Dr Notelovitz said, it is now recognized that only about "25% to 30% of the beneficial effect of estrogen in the prevention of atheromatous disease is its effect on cholesterol, LDL and HDL.
Lateral medullary ischemia is usually caused by thrombosis of the ipsilateral vertebral artery at the site of ulcerative atheromatous disease in the distal-most (intracranial) portion of the vertebral artery.
Recent studies have confirmed that the single most important risk factor for stroke in cardiac surgery is the presence of advanced atheromatous disease in the aorta.
sup][3],[4] Two types have been recently described: Type I includes patients with normal coronary arteries and without predisposing factors for coronary artery disease, in whom acute allergic history induces cardiac dysfunction with normal cardiac enzyme and troponin levels; while patients with preexisting atheromatous disease, in whom acute allergic insult may result in plaque rupture or erosion exhibited as acute myocardial infarction, are classified as Type II.
The type-II variant includes patients with culprit but pre-existing atheromatous disease in whom acute hypersensitive reactions cause plaque erosion or rupture, culminating in AMI.