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surgical removal of the inner lining of an artery that is clogged with atherosclerosis

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All of the atherectomy devices have advantages and drawbacks, as well as steep learning curves and particular compatibilities with wires and sheaths.
Data from this study will be key to secure approval for the use of the coronary micro crown OAS in the world's two largest atherectomy markets," said David L.
Tony Das, Cardiology and Interventional Associates, Dallas, Texas, said: "The CONFIRM series data shows that CSI's orbital atherectomy system safely removes plaque in calcified lesions.
Use of Orbital Atherectomy System in an Office-Based Laboratory versus Hospital Settings
We continue to pursue a strategy of building a strong intellectual property portfolio to protect the many inventions and systems related to this innovative atherectomy technology.
Studies demonstrate sustained durability and low revascularization rates for CSI's orbital atherectomy systems with low-pressure PTA.
This training course and hands-on experience with our Orbital Atherectomy System allows physicians to learn how to use our technology efficiently and effectively to defeat complex calcium issues in peripheral arteries as a primary treatment therapy, giving them an alternative to life-altering amputation in difficult cases.
Plaque Excision Systems, also called atherectomy devices, are catheters that remove plaque that blocks arteries and interrupts blood flow.
Study Confirms Effectiveness of Directional Atherectomy with SilverHawk [TM] and TurboHawk [TM] Devices as a Frontline Therapy when Treating PAD
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Atherectomy and Thrombectomy Devices Market 2012-2016 http://www.
Tony Das Will Present CONFIRM Study Series Data Evaluating Orbital Atherectomy Effectiveness in Treating More Than 3,100 Patients and 4,700 Calcified Lesions
The report also provides analysis of major segments such as peripheral vascular stents, peripheral transluminal angioplasty balloon catheters, PTA guidewires, atherectomy devices, chronic total occlusion devices, aortic stents, synthetic surgical grafts, embolic protection devices and inferior vena cava filters.
And the atherectomy procedure removes the disease from the inside of the vessel to establish a normal flow channel so the blood flow is improved to the distal circulation," says interventional radiologist John Tonkin.
The company will use these funds to prepare for commercialization, specifically to build a sales and manufacturing organization in anticipation of the market introduction of its Pathway PV(TM) Atherectomy System.