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Synonyms for einsteinium

a radioactive transuranic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons

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Tow Law's star cueman David Craggs made the short trip over to Hartlepool's Athenium Club and enjoyed the same winning scoreline against the out-of-form Mark Windsor.
Waller, Gordon of Khartoum (New York: Athenium, 1988).
He said: "I'd taken some medicine for my asthma and was feeling drousy when I got a tip-off at 1am that Shirley MacLaine was about to leave the Athenium Hotel in Central London.
Norwood MA Semiconductor/Equipment Art Technology Group Cambridge MA Software Athenium Weston MA Software Authoria, Inc.
More than thirty years ago when I worked and lived on Chicago's near Northside I was fortunate to be near not one, but two terrific restaurants serving gyro's (the Athenium Room on Webster, which is still there, the other, around North and Clybourn, is gone).