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Many scholars acknowledge that Athenian war strategy was primarily a maritime strategy and that Sparta only defeated Athens once the former had embraced the use of sea power against the latter.
Inscribed Athenian Laws and Decrees in the Age of Demosthenes: Historical Essays
Yet when the murder of a priest is committed, the only available detective to solve the crime is the Athenian priestess Diotima and her husband Nicolaos--and Diotima is heavily pregnant
Beneath this stone lies Aeschylus, son of Euphorion, the Athenian,
The Athenian historian--citizen, general, exile, and political analyst--participated in and "wrote together" the first twenty years of the ruinous "Peloponnesian War" [431-404 BCE[.
Winch Pharma has one key asset, being a formal one year (extendable to three) contract to supply the NHSSC with non-alcohol hand sanitising products, plus certain other surface disinfection products, all under the Athenian brand.
This "staggering treasure" financed Athens' powerful fleet, the jobs and state pay doled out to the poorer Athenian citizens, and the expansion of its trade and empire.
Both the Athenian and Olympian ranges look good in formal and contemporary gardens.
Phaedo answers that Socrates' trial took place on the day before an Athenian religious festival (58a6-8; cf.
Socrates therein revealed the deficiency of laws and the limits of our ability to know their purpose, but in the Laws, the Athenian Stranger (whom Lutz treats as all but indistinguishable from Socrates, if not Plato himself) shows that "divine law needs rational guidance from political philosophy.
Twenty years of war, an unprecedented military disaster in Sicily two years earlier, the permanent presence of the enemy in Attica, the systematic ravaging of the Attic countryside, and the subsequent denial of access to their farms and estates in the country had begun to tell on the Athenian folk.
Legal speeches of democratic Athens; sources for Athenian history.
In Socrates' case, the second was Xenophon, the Athenian soldier and author who wrote two dialogues in which Socrates figures as the chief speaker.
To support this thesis, Fredal marshals an impressive array of physical evidence from Athenian architecture, sculpture, and city design, as well as textual evidence from contemporary accounts of public speaking and oral display.
The Greek Media in World War I and Its Aftermath: The Athenian Press on the Asia Minor Crisis.