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(Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare

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Owl watchers have long known that Athene cunicularia collects dung from mammals such as cows.
Capacity planning and performance management specialist Metron has announced that their Athene product has been awarded ServerProven status by IBM.
Le Crillon, Four Seasons, Plaza Athene, the Ritz, Le Bristol and Le Raphael.
The Athene scent, pounds 75, features organic Lantana Camara oil (which is more expensive than gold, apparently) and comes in a beautiful blue ceramic bottle hand-painted with lace.
4 of Athene also incorporates the ability to capture Netstat data from a wide number of Unix variants including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Tru64.
During 21 years in the investment industry, Shortenhaus has worked with consultants, qualified plan sponsors, and other institutional clients, most recently at Athene Asset Management (formerly Aviva Investors).
Dame Athene Donald, professor of experimental physics at Cambridge University, believes the wrong toys are holding back girls who might otherwise go on to develop an interest in science and engineering.
The British Science Association (BSA) has today announced that Professor Dame Athene Donald is to be its next President.
The project will be conducted using using the company s proprietary MASS system and the Artemis Athene.
Cornish gypsy-folk band Three Daft Monkeys' four-piece line-up features Athene on fiddle, Tim on 12-string guitar and vocals, Lukas on bass guitar and Richie on percussion.
In this study, T gondii antibodies were detected in 4 bird species (crested seriema, Cariama cristata; buff-necked ibis, Theristicus caudatus; picazuro pigeon, Patagioenas picazuro', and burrowing owl, Athene cunicularia) and in a giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyld) for the first time.
Marius, skor van rokershoes, het ek 'n paar keer voor en na die politieke wending van 1994 gesien, vir Nadine meermale: soms aan huis in Parktown, Johannesburg, soms in Kaapstad en 'n keer of wat in Londen, Athene en New York.
As is the way in this celebrityobsessed country, he achieved widespread fame only after his Song For Athene was played at Princess Diana's funeral at Westminster Abbey in 1997.
I Thank A Fool also featured Peter Finch, Diane Cilento, Cyril Cusack, Kieron Moore and Athene Seyler.
Within the index, Aviva was amongst the days best performing stocks after the insurer raised more than was expected from the sale of its American Life and annuities business to Athene Holdings.