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a town in southeast Ohio

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a university town in northeast Georgia

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Monsieur and Madame are the happily married and loving parents to Athenais, their attractive daughter who is sought after for marriage, and to Benedict, their orphaned nephew.
Benedict's education has elevated him above his class, such that, to the young farmer who marries Athenais, he is a "cracheur de grec" (44-45).
Because he does not love Athenais, he finds family life with the Lherys increasingly odious: "Son coeur s'ouvrait bien a la tendresse et a la reconnaissance; mais ces sentiments etaient pour lui la source de combats et de remords perpetuels" (41).
The conclusion, however, contradicts the novel's critique of marriage by reaffirming it in the union of Athenais and Valentin, a marriage we are told that respects the domination of husband over the wife.