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(Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare

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Palladia were representations of Athena in arms; the epithet [Greek Text Omitted] is used of the goddess particularly as a warrior-goddess (ancient etymologies of the word usually derive [Greek Text Omitted] from battle-activity of some kind).
Athena products, including their small cell and backhaul solutions are one of the most innovative in the market," said Mohssen Davari, CEO of Solutelia.
Athena Learning Centers are a community of year-round education programs that offer K-12 students innovative solutions for improving their math and reading skills in preparation for success in college and the 21st century workplace.
Athena and SIPA have collaborated together since months, fine tuning the system.
Additional cold air will be drawn in along the western flank of Winter Storm Athena Wednesday into Thursday," (http://www.
Adding the Athena brand to DS Waters' rich history of regional brands--including Hinckley Springs, Spar-kletts, Kentwood Springs, Alhambra, Mt.
The divestment enables Athena IT-Group to focus on its business areas Outsourcing and Hosting.
Users can also configure Athena to use a thermometer icon to show item relevancy.
At Athena, Cohen will focus on the delivery of customized investment advisory services, including asset allocation, portfolio construction and other portfolio-management related services.
This Project Athena Foundation fundraiser will help other survivors like Heidi, Sandi, Lori and Sarah live their adventurous dreams as part of their recovery.
Athena is generating funds to fight breast cancer with a simple bottle of water.
The Athena Group of New York took home the "Deal of the Year" award in the "Best Multi-Family Sale" category at the Washington Business Journal's eighth annual Best In Real Estate Awards gala for its newest project, ParcReston.
a Sagebrush Corporation company, has announced the release of Athena 7.
While long known as a maker of discrete hot-runner temperature controllers, Athena Controls Inc.