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a town in southeast Ohio

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a university town in northeast Georgia

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Athens gains some 20 million euros each year from the event, according to official estimates from the organizers, the Greek Athletics Federation (SEGAS), and Hoteliers' Associations.
Athens at all times was part of larger worlds, connected to other Greek city-states such as Sparta and Corinth, to the superpower of the fifth century, Achaemenid Persia, and later to Macedonia and Rome.
Negotiations were suspended until Wednesday, and Athens sent senior officials to Washington to consult with the International Monetary Fund.
org, since 1997, and has been an Athens resident since 2004.
Speaking to Turkish reporters at the Turkish Embassy in Athens, Minister Caglayan made elaborations on his talks with Greek authorities, the difficult financial condition Greece is under and Turkey's approach to the crisis.
etihad airways launches maiden athens flight Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has launched its inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi to the Greek capital, Athens.
The Athens capital is now served, three times a week from Abu Dhabi, with the airline using an Airbus A320 aircraft.
Syntagma Square was filled with the melodies of the City of Athens Philharmonic Orchestra and songs of the Children's Choir, until the moment Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis gave the signal for the lighting of the Christmas tree and illumination of the city with festive lights and stated, "this is a time of goodwill and celebration, I invite you all to make this year's Christmas one to remember.
Cook, former director of the British School of Archaeology at Athens, no less a figure than Plato "refers to Darius as the great law-giver of ancient Persia and thereby the conserver of its empire.
The escalation of tension due to the war in Iraq and the bombings in Istanbul, Turkey, and Madrid, Spain, raised concerns in Athens.
Baptist of North Hills graduate Allyson Felix, 19, and 400-meter runner Jeremy Wariner, 21, backed up medal-winning performances at the Athens Olympics with victories in front of 10,723 in Sunday's early-season meet.
Athens -- In a message sent to Greece's new ambassador to the Vatican, Pope John Paul II asked that the minority Catholic Church in Greece be given full recognition of its rights as it has in the rest of the European Union.
The formative evaluation of E-Teach in its second version took place on a sample of eight dyslectic pupils, who attended the program for dyslexia at a private diagnostic center in Athens.