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a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Athapaskan language and living in the subarctic regions of western Canada and central Alaska

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A further chapter deals with beadwork produced by Native peoples of the Canadian Subarctic, including the Northern Athapaskans, the Cree, and the Metis, the "flower beadwork people" of mixed Native and European heritage who in many respects epitomize the development of floral beadwork in the nineteenth century.
The most fully developed of all Canadian syllabic scripts was created in 1885 by an Oblate missionary, Adrien-Gabriel Morice (1859-1938), for the Athapaskan language Dakelh, spoken in northern British Columbia.
Trends in the study of Athapaskan language maintenance and bilingualism.
Of these, 35% were Inuit (or Eskimos), 15% were Dene (or Athapaskan Indians), and 50% were predominantly migrants of European origin from other parts of Canada.
Using instances of Athapaskan and Tlingit speakers, Cruikshank emphasizes the varying social and personal interventions the same story or carvings can make over the course of a storyteller's life and beyond.
Many of the early inhabitants of the Americas were the ancestors of Eskimo, Aleut, Athapaskan, and American Indian civilizations that populated the lands of North and South America for many more years than modern settlers.
The "keepers of the language" should be the language family - Algonquin, Athapaskan, Eskimo-Aleut, Haida, Iroquoian, Hutenai, Salishan, Siouan, Tlingit, Wakashan.
As the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples documented, the damage of the residential schools included a poor quality of education; damage to the family structure, which for the Athapaskan people in the Yukon was a matrilineal clan system; the repression of language and culture.
The Crooked Stovepipe is an enjoyable book concerned with music and dance forms developed by Upriver Gwich'in-speaking Athapaskan Indians after contact with Europeans.
We are our language; an ethnography of language revitalization in a Northern Athapaskan community.
Despoblado or Athapaskan heartland: a methodological perspective on ancestral Apache landscape use in the Safford area, in D.
In Athapaskan Linguistics: Current Perspectives on a Language Family, E.
In the Athapaskan language, the word Yukon means "the great river" or "big river.
Goulet, "The Northern Athapaskan 'Berdache' Reconsidered: On Reading More Than There is in the Ethnographic Record," in Jacobs et al, Two-Spirit People, 50-52.
The Navajo, as well as sharing linguistic ties with the Tsuu T'ina people through their mutual Athapaskan descent, have had their own court system since the 1920s.