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(Roman Catholic Church) Greek patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism

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At last Paul informs his visitor that he is close to death and missions Antony to return home and bring the cloak of the Bishop Athanasius for his burial.
1) Moreover, in a letter of November 335 addressed to the bishops who had condemned and deposed Athanasius at the Council of Tyre, Constantine made the following boast:
Elsewhere Athanasius drew from the exceedingly popular Acts of Paul and Thecla in order to exhort consecrated virgins living in Egypt.
For Athanasius, the universe of creatures is continually held in being over an abyss of nothing by God's creative Word.
Athanasius Ochieng', VMMC national programme manager.
The eccentric life of the insatiably curious, but often wrong, 17th century scholar Athanasius Kircher is explored in this tale of his influence on science.
They are the Government Engineering Colleges of Kannur, Kozhikode, Trichur and Trivandrum; Athanasius Kothamangalam; NIT Calicut; TKM Quilon and NSS Palghat, besides engineers who have studied outside Kerala (KEF - Kerala Engineers Forum) and MES Kuttippuram (MESCEQ).
Minns notes that Irenaeus' view of the Trinity is not nearly as developed as it would be in later thinkers, such as Athanasius or the Cappadocians.
These are followed by an Epilogue on Augustinian Mode and Method in which Leithart correctly perceives Athanasius to stand.
We talked about Athanasius, another lonely saint, who lived in a century when his understanding of the relationship between the Father and the Son, now assumed, was at various times and in various places declared anathema by the church he loved and served.
These are followed by and Epilogue on Augustinian Mode and Method in which Leithart correctly perceives Athanasius to stand.
TODAY FEAST DAY ATHANASIUS 1519: Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist and man of science, died at the Chateau Cloux near Amboise, France.
Indian Orthodox Church bishops Thomas Mar Athanasius and Abraham Mar Seraphim felicitated Paulose II, while Brahmavar Diocesan Metropolitan Yakob Mar Elias presided the function.
The book is laid out in five chapters: chapter 1 is devoted to Athanasius Kircher (1601/2-1680) and notions of instrumental style and genre, 2 is about Schmelzer and the Viennese court, 3 is about the court of Liechtenstein-Castelcorno at Kromereriz, 4 is devoted to Biber and Muffat at Salzburg, and 5 concludes with a discussion about the dissemination of the stylus phantasticus.
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates on January 18 the Day of Saint Athanasius (Atanasovden), who is the ruler of snow and ice.