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the sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten


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He then suggests that Akhenaten's Aten demonstrated a "monotheistic character" (p.
Proclaiming himself to be Aten's only son and intermediary on earth, he raised giant temples to Aten in the Karnak precinct of Thebes, the kingdom's religious capital, while neglecting and even desecrating temples devoted to the popular national god Amen.
It functions without the requirement of communications monitoring equipment," said Yousri Abdou, Founder of Aten Solar.
In 2012, a group of programmers and entrepreneurs led by Marcus Andrade started working on the Aten Coin project and in early 2014 when development was nearly finished, Mr.
Aten had been paddleboarding in the river, when his board hit the root ball.
com)-- ATEN, the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions, today unveiled the VM1600 - 16x16 Modular Matrix Switch featuring the revolutionary Seamless Switch technology that provides real-time control and switching between 16 video sources and 16 video displays.
The implementation of Akhenaten's vision was, of course, the creation of the city of Akhetaten itself-a new home for the Aten cult.
The exhibition features a new site-specific work, Aten Reign, which reimagines the rotunda of Frank Lloyd Wright's building as one of Turrell's luminous and immersive works.
Their faces were erased with chisels, their temples were abandoned to the four winds and jackals loped through the courtyards of temples once sacred to the supreme god, Aten, the deity Akhnaten chose to replace the 2,000 gods who had occupied places in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon for thousands of years previously.
Patent 8,192,677 (June 5, 2012), "Core/Shell Polymer and Fluoropolymer Blending Blow Molding and Blown Film Process:' Ralph Munson Aten, Sharon Ann Libert, and Heidi Elizabeth Burch (E.
In registering with the government, ABEN became ATEN (Association for Theological Education in Nepal) because the authorities objected to the world "Biblical" being in its name.
This biography of Texas ranger Ira Aten, examines the exciting career of this "hall of fame" lawman as he worked his way through the turbulent frontier at the turn of the twentieth century.
Ken Aten passed away on February 24 in North Platte, Neb.