Ateles geoffroyi

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arboreal monkey of tropical America with long slender legs and long prehensile tail

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Morales (2003) y Owen & Giron (2012), mencionan que la especie Ateles geoffroyi tambien se reporta en El Salvador en Parque Nacional Montecristo, Departamento de Santa Ana; Chaguantique, El Tercio, Normandia, Cerro el Mono, Departamento de Usulutan y Conchagua, Departamento de La Union.
Ecology and taxonomy of Ateles geoffroyi in Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, Atlantida, Honduras.
This forest is also an important part of the biotic corridor through the Central American isthmus, where a number of notable mammals can be found, such as the endangered black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) and the Central American spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi).
Jairo Munoz (Mexico) Chronoecology of neotropical primates: the spider monkey ateles geoffroyi.
They cover the human biological clock from genes to chronotherapy, photosensitivity as a disregarded attribute to analyze photo-periodic clocks, respiration rhythm and quality of sleep in the total wellness and development of a child, circadian sleep-wake rhythms in pre-term infants, interactions between the circadian and the immune systems as a framework for understanding disease, the spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi as a case study in the chronoecology of neotropical primates, the role of clocks and chaos in a biodynamic approach to cancer, and experimental findings and analytical properties of a klepsydraic model of internal time presentation.
em bugio Alouatta palliata palliata e em Ateles geoffroyi oriundos de centros ecologicos na Costa Rica.
Forest fragments maintain western Nicaragua's last surviving populations of the black-handed spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi).
The mammals include the tapir (Tapirus); six species of cat, including the jaguar (Panthera onca); and three species of primate, Geoffrey's spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi), the howler monkey locally known as congo (Alouatta palliata), and the Central American squirrel monkey (Cebus capucinus).