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2016a), coincidiendo asi con Roosmalen & Klein (1988), quienes sostienen que los Ateles en general han demostrado su poca o nula adaptabilidad a la perturbacion humana.
The various movements that are constitutive of sculpting, as well as the movement as a whole, qua movement, then, are ateles (incomplete) in the literal sense that they do not contain the telos they aim at within themselves.
hamadryas la cabeza humeral tambien se origina desde el ligamento colateral medial del codo (CHAMPNEYS, 1871); y en el genero Ateles, el origen ulnar se presenta a lo largo de casi todo el hueso (ACKERMANN, 2003), siendo similar a C.
A symmetry test after conditional relation training with locations as stimuli in a Ateles paniscus paniscus monkey.
A total of 224 group sightings of four primates (Alouatta macconnelli, Ateles belzebuth, Cebus olivaceus, and Saimiri sciureus) was recorded during this study (Table 1).
Arroyo-Rodriguez, "Seasonal differences in activity patterns of Geoffroyi's spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) living in continuous and fragmented forests in Southern Mexico," International Journal of Primatology, vol.
Evidence that zoo visitors influence HPA activity in spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyii rufiventris).