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To join the Zend partner program is a natural step for us,” says Mats Lundstrom, CEO, Ateles Consulting.
Ateles have been using Zend solutions for several years and have shown strong competence and skills in implementing solutions with Zend products.
8 Ateles geoffroyi Central American spider monkey 1 5.
Similarly, perhaps, as tax exemption, known in Greek as ateleia, was not itself of halakhic significance, the corpus refrains from problematizing tax advantages at the atliz, a word that Lieberman believed to have been derived from (panegyris) ateles, (27) and thus itself a metonym for a commercial space of some kind, much as ateleia seems to have been used in Greek to represent an equivalent to the Latin mercatus, and as shorthand for tax-free festal markets.
They cover the human biological clock from genes to chronotherapy, photosensitivity as a disregarded attribute to analyze photo-periodic clocks, respiration rhythm and quality of sleep in the total wellness and development of a child, circadian sleep-wake rhythms in pre-term infants, interactions between the circadian and the immune systems as a framework for understanding disease, the spider monkey Ateles geoffroyi as a case study in the chronoecology of neotropical primates, the role of clocks and chaos in a biodynamic approach to cancer, and experimental findings and analytical properties of a klepsydraic model of internal time presentation.