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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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Tatneft (TATN RX, TATNP RX, ATAD LI) has posted first ever financial results under IFRS (previously company reported US GAAP).
Sequans' new ASIC has enabled us to build low cost, low power consuming base stations with high performance," said Effi Atad, WiNetworks CEO.
The trouble with these country artists, of course, is that they tend to get more than atad maudlin, which makes us wonder what kind of songs a Bee Gee will be inspired to write.
Effi Atad, CEO of WiNetworks, "Our patented technology targets the specific needs of the DBS and DVB-T operator giving a competitive, cost effective solution to the market.
Customers must use the promotional code ATAD when making their reservation and present their Travel Awards number at the time of pick up.
Atad more tasteful really than auctioning off the Hutton Report - on the death of Dr Kelly - which Cherie graciously signed to raise funds for the Labour Party.
Examples of current installations include ATAD Installations, Oxidations Ditches, aeration of Industrial Waste and in Lagoons and Stabilizations Ponds.
Effi Atad, CEO of WiNetworks, "Our mobile solutions open up the potential to deliver the broadest range of on-demand services ever, for the minimum infrastructure costs.