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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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DataPort Serial ATA Storage Enclosures can also support IDE/ATA hard drives when using the company's new IDE-to-Serial ATA removable drive carriers as an optional feature.
For a long time, ATA drives were thought of as inferior products with lower performance and inferior reliability.
There are some ATA members who feel that the organization should have nothing to do with the USTA, claiming that the USTA steals all the good black talent.
Today, however, there is growing excitement around a new class of Serial ATA product known as Intelligent ATA.
Promise Technology's SuperSwap 1100 works with all Promise Serial ATA interface controller solutions.
The ATA Junior Development Program has served as a national support system for young black tennis players.
This announcement comes just months after ATA announced it has expanded its codeshare agreement with Southwest Airlines.
Disk controllers based on Serial Attached SCSI will connect with both low-cost, high capacity Serial ATA disk drives and with high performance, dual-port Serial Attached SCSI drives.
With this announcement, EMC has incorporated ATA technology into the CLARiiON architecture to bring more information into online SAN and NAS environments, thus dramatically increasing service levels through improved availability and functionality.
Also from a solid core foundation, Avery has been able to build the innovative Serial ATA chip and system level verification features that our customers have come to rely on.
This new technology, called Serial ATA (SATA), merges ATA disk drive technology with serial-cable technology.
Supporting up to 640 MBytes of memory capacity, SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller is ideal for most embedded applications, such as thin-client systems, digital cameras, MP3 players and other digital consumer products requiring reliable and small footprint mass data storage.
The Parallel ATA HD400LD features an Ultra ATA-133 Interface, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology, ATA Security Mode, ATA host Protected Area, and an ATA Streaming Feature.
We'll explore the technical differences between Ultra ATA and Serial ATA technology, and to provide explanation for the transition from a parallel to serial bus architecture.
and Seagate Technology announced that each company is focusing development on products that support the new Serial ATA storage interface specification and have no plans to develop products based upon parallel technology beyond the Ultra ATA/100 interface.