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(baseball) a turn trying to get a hit

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Mike Budnick, according to your information, is the pitcher who held Musial hitless the most at-bats during his career, at eight.
This whole grinding out at-bats thing is sort of new, and there are varying definitions of exactly what it means.
But there are so many more right-handed pitchers that I don't get many right-handed at-bats.
So a superior measure of a player's performance is his on-base percentage, which consists of the number of times he reaches base via a hit, walk or hit-by-pitch, all divided by his number of at-bats plus his walks, hit-by-pitch instances and sacrifice flies.
We don't want him thinking about his last at-bat once he squats down behind the plate.
I understand that is the most at-bats in a season for any player with an average of .
With lefty Brian Burres starting for Baltimore and a day game today, Francona just figured it was a good opportunity to get Pena some at-bats.
Anderson, who had gone 5 for 5 with two homers the night before, hit his third homer in nine at-bats, a three-run shot into the visiting bullpen in right field off Matt Capps to pull the Dodgers within four runs.
The moment they step onto the field, they begin mentally preparing themselves for their at-bats.
That'll be the thing with Hinske to try to get him enough at-bats where he can do what he can do.
In 446 at-bats the following year, he came out of nowhere to reach 30.
Hitters who focus on quality at-bats will try to go deep into the count on their first at-bat - get a look at the pitcher's array of pitches.
I only have 91 at-bats this season and I'm nowhere near where I should be at the plate,'' Erstad said.
Obviously, this gave me a lot of insight into the at-bats.
But there is a difference between being frustrated at having good at-bats and not coming through, and being concerned.