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Synonyms for communication

Synonyms for communication

the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

something communicated, as information


a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

Synonyms for communication

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Therefore, the rankings for social communication tend to follow the continuum from synchronous to k-synchronous to asynchronous communication methods.
In our experience, mathematical discourse is not scarce in mathematics courses taught online using an asynchronous communication teaching strategy.
The data for content analysis are based on conference transcripts from both synchronous and asynchronous communication.
Overall, we have found that the use of asynchronous communication allows us to address student concerns, throughout the semester, resulting in a reduction in confusion and providing an environment more conducive to understanding and learning of the course material.
With this partnership, vitaphone will leverage HealthyCircles to render a scalable infrastructure offering for patient education and engagement, asynchronous communication and biometric data visualisation to increase coordination across a patients care team, enabling vitaphone to scale its comprehensive telehealth services.
4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NewsGator today introduced a powerful new dimension to social computing - seamless, intuitive shifting between real-time and asynchronous communication - through integration with Microsoft Lync, Microsoft's unified communication software.
The advice is particularly attuned to developing friendly, seamless user interfaces using Cascading Style Sheets, widgets and panels, and asynchronous communication with HTTP, REST, JSON/JSONP, and RPC.
To help learners connected emotionally and socially, peer and student-instructor interaction can be facilitated through synchronous communication (McInnerney & Roberts, 2004) and asynchronous communication tools (Taylor, 2001).
The challenges and rewards of offering courses through remote education, presented by Sharon Lightner (San Diego State University), discusses administrative issues, software selection and the use of both synchronous and asynchronous communication in remote education, and compares remote teaching and learning experiences with a traditional face-to-face experience.
The ConversePoint platform will integrate asynchronous communication technology developed by Qualcomm Incorporated, the world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, with proprietary ConversePoint technologies to create a new, superior and agnostic solution that will work seamlessly with multiple mobile communication standards, mobile carriers, or mobile devices.
An examination of asynchronous communication experiences and perspectives of students in an online course: A case study.
The OnTranq dedicated client has the look and feel of a standard email client, and uses an asynchronous communication model, so that sent files are queued on a secure datacenter operated by Infoteria Online.
Consistent with my own research, there is a strong correlation between asynchronous communication, like e-mail, and multitasking," said Dr.
This article explores the use of asynchronous communication tools, including threaded discussions, announcements, and personal emails to create and maintain a high-tech, high-touch online classroom.
Discipline Community Communication In order to facilitate both synchronous and asynchronous communication, the MERLOT Editorial Board of each discipline community was provided several communication tools: Phone teleconferencing tool, Listserv for email to the community, Internal MERLOT Web site to post links and documents, and Threaded discussion tool.
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