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Synonyms for communication

Synonyms for communication

the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

something communicated, as information


a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

Synonyms for communication

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This proposal is endorsed by other studies suggesting that computer-based IA provides educators with a tool to raise students' self-awareness and self-regulation level through analysing and monitoring interaction among users in asynchronous communication activities (Collazos et al.
Therefore, the rankings for social communication tend to follow the continuum from synchronous to k-synchronous to asynchronous communication methods.
Second, participants were selected so that they fell into one of the two categories: instructors who adopted both synchronous and asynchronous communication modes for online delivery of instruction, or instructors who relied solely on asynchronous communication mode.
In our experience, mathematical discourse is not scarce in mathematics courses taught online using an asynchronous communication teaching strategy.
Additionally, Rovy Branon and Chris Essex ("Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Tools in Distance Education," Tech Trends, 2001) noted that some cyber-learners do not check in often enough to carry the dialog forward.
The data for content analysis are based on conference transcripts from both synchronous and asynchronous communication.
Overall, we have found that the use of asynchronous communication allows us to address student concerns, throughout the semester, resulting in a reduction in confusion and providing an environment more conducive to understanding and learning of the course material.
The real-world library model, where asynchronous communication is encouraged but synchronous communication is discouraged (e.
Netcourses need to make effective use of asynchronous communication that does not require the sender and receiver to be present at the same time.
Rather than trying to force data into an isochronous medium, or voice into an asynchronous communication, vendors are now turning towards an entirely new transport mechanism based upon asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), a connectionless network protocol that can dynamically allocate bandwidth based on the information being, sent over that network.
Unfortunately, with such totally asynchronous communication, a process cannot decide whether another process has crashed or whether its query or the expected response is still on its way across the network.
The new digital modems work with standard, asynchronous PC communications software, such as Procom or Crosstalk, and connect directly to the asynchronous communication ports of most 386- and 486-based PCs--without the need for any additional hardware or special interfaces.
Employees have traditionally used the phone for synchronous as opposed to asynchronous communication.
And though texting remains a favorite mode of asynchronous communication, we're seeing more consumers wanting to integrate voice, photo and video in their messages as well.
A true hybrid memory system is capable of mixed workload (true concurrent read/write), synchronization within a cluster, and asynchronous communication across remote clusters.
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