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Synonyms for asynchrony

the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times

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The program to calculate the prime numbers with async becomes:
When you use await in a method, it must be marked as async, and Main cannot be marked as async.
This is a compiler trick so that I don't have to deal with Task to call an async method.
VTune(TM) analysis for the parallel Async version of the Prime Numbers program
Analyses included ASYNC nests from synchrony manipulation experiments and control nests from the food supplement experiments, but excluded nests in which nestlings died from extraneous causes such as infanticide or predation.
A total of 337 young parrotlets fledged from 61 experimental ASYNC and SYNC nests.
Seventh- and eighth-hatched chicks also had a high probability of fledging from SYNC broods, but few fledged from large ASYNC broods (Fig.
Crop contents of chicks found dead in the nest (n = 42) suggested that starvation may have been a major cause of early mortality for later hatched nestlings in ASYNC broods.
Connect:Enterprise is file-based integration software that provides secure collection and distribution of data through open communications protocols such as secure FTP, HTTP/S, AS2, SSH-2, Async, Bisync and more.