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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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The connections between these two systems and the asymptotic limit problem of passing to the limit as k tends to infinity have been recently investigated in a number of different situations.
Asymptotic limits and stabilization for the 1D nonlinear Mindlin-Timoshenko system.
Equation 2 tended to yield asymptotic limits for [[eta].
This feature contrasts with the analytic proof of the prime number theorem, where the remainder term is linked to the roots of the Riemann zeta function producing the staircase-like corrections of the smooth asymptotic limit from all zeta function roots, whereas the leading asymptotic term has nothing to do with them, originating from the simple pole of the Riemann zeta function.
However, it is now known that power-law dependences are valid only in asymptotic limits, if at all.
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