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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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A curve approaching its asymptotes is used to represent the limitless knowledge growth on both super and subsistent ends (Figure 1), while the knowledge factors are distributed on the curve (Figure 5).
Conversely, the occurrence of asymptote to a concentration independent value was evident at higher shear stresses ([sigma] > 1).
dp] acts as a vertical asymptote, and the data shown in Figure 8 support this idea.
The first worksheet is to aid students to understand the difference between vertical asymptotes and holes (removable discontinuities) in the graph of a function.
i] is the response value for concentration i, RO is the baseline activity (lower asymptote of the sigmoidal curve for activators, upper asymptote of the sigmoidal curve for inhibitors), RMAX is the maximal activity (upper asymptote for activators, lower asymptote for inhibitors), and |RMAX--RO| defines the maximal response compared to baseline activity for activators and inhibitors.
We should expect similar labelling at asymptotes, turning points, points of inflection and points of symmetry.
The convergence model describes the path of the data and provides a means to compare treatment effects by testing statistical differences across predicted treatment asymptotes for each market outcome.
It demonstrates that the reserve duration is a function of the policy's time to maturity, having a vertical asymptote at a break-even maturity.
Starting points and asymptotes of the curves for both products are the same and thus the only difference between the curves is the steepness.
Where g, a and b > 0, then the curve is negatively sloped and asymptotes to c from above.
During segmentation, different asymptotes (tangent) generate different angle from origin about axis of X, Y, Z respectively Wan [10].
The Great Crested Flycatcher had a similar pattern initially but the curve asymptotes at 17-stop segments.
HervA[c], a partner of Asymptotes Conseil, will act as Valimo's primary contact for French companies interested in mobile signatures, strong mobile authentication and mobile identity management.
In proposition fourteen of his book On the Conics, Apollonius proposes to demonstrate that the asymptotes and the hyperbole come closer to one another indefinitely without actually ever meeting.
inherente au fonctionnement d'un systeme, les tendances seculaires ne peuvent se prolonger a l'infini, et viennent buter sur des asymptotes .