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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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While there were 1,923 asylum-seekers being housed in Wales last year, this figure has risen to 2,308 at the last quarterly review.
This has become obvious in the number of evictions of asylum-seekers from communities where they used to be tolerated by the local population.
These gaps have worsened with the increase in the numbers of asylum-seekers arriving in recent months, particularly those fleeing the conflict in Syria.
Asylum-seekers, a much smaller number, seek protection from torture, imprisonment, abuse and death, often from countries like Afghanistan and the Congo.
Secondly, I think that you have assumed all asylum-seekers have left their countries with only Great Britain in mind.
The philosophy underpinning Regulation 2003/343/EC is that the state that played the biggest role in allowing an asylum-seeker to enter or reside in the EU is responsible for them.
ALMOST half of those quizzed are in favour of "forcibly deporting" failed asylum-seekers, and
The Home Secretary spoke of asylum-seekers swamping doctor surgeries and schools--this terminology only helps legitimize the far right, the neo-Nazis.
Undoubtedly there would have been a larger percentage of refused services if not for these initiatives, and indeed anecdotal evidence from other states around Australia indicates a less coordinated approach to community-based asylum-seeker health and far fewer services available.
The book on the dispersal of asylum-seekers in the UK said the Government's approach was costly and inefficient and stemmed from a growing moral panic among white Britons over the 'threat' posed by refugees.
ASYLUM-SEEKER numbers have dropped by about a third because of tough new rules, the Government claimed yesterday.
The number of asylum-seekers arriving in Britain reached record levels of almost 111,000 during 2002.
But the 37 asylum-seekers want to remain in Liverpool and when a coach arrived in Everton to take them to their new accommodation they asked for more time to allow them to speak to their solicitors.
HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNS Israel has been reluctant to grant asylum-seekers legal standing within its borders amid fears it would spark a fresh exodus of migrants.
CARDIFF is home to 905 of the 1,565 asylum-seekers who have been housed in Wales, new figures reveal.