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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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Limiting the freedom of press has always been a substantial part of Australia's anti-asylum-seeker policies; this is why asylum-seekers are incarcerated in very remote immigration detention centers.
Some asylum-seekers transferred under the Dublin rules are being denied access to asylum in the state to which they are sent, it claims.
The poll - the most in-depth newspaper survey into people's attitudes to asylum-seekers - reveals that:
To further reduce the vulnerability and difficulties experienced by asylum seekers living in the community on Bridging Visa E, the ASP recommends that asylum-seeker children have access to a welfare payment from lodging to final outcome and including asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas, that asylum seekers have access to health coverage from lodging of application to final outcome and including asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas, and that at least one family member has access to work rights, including asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas.
The dispersal was agreed following a meeting on Thursday where it was announced Kent Social Services would offer asylum-seekers in the county an opportunity to move elsewhere in the country.
While there were 1,923 asylum-seekers being housed in Wales last year, this figure has risen to 2,308 at the last quarterly review.
UNHCR's assessment shows that asylum-seekers in Bulgaria routinely lack access to basic services, such as food and healthcare; face lengthy delays in registration which subsequently deprive them of their basic rights; and are at risk of arbitrary detention.
NASS has accommodation all over the country, and when granted NASS support, asylum-seekers will be dispersed to available accommodation wherever it is.
MB: It is a fallacy that the majority of asylum-seekers are economic migrants, that they have no fear of persecution--that is simply not true.
The book on the dispersal of asylum-seekers in the UK said the Government's approach was costly and inefficient and stemmed from a growing moral panic among white Britons over the 'threat' posed by refugees.
THE Conservatives' Welsh leader yesterday claimed Britain was being ``swamped'' by asylum-seekers.
But the 37 asylum-seekers want to remain in Liverpool and when a coach arrived in Everton to take them to their new accommodation they asked for more time to allow them to speak to their solicitors.
CARDIFF is home to 905 of the 1,565 asylum-seekers who have been housed in Wales, new figures reveal.
Asylum-seekers and immigrants should only be detained as a last resort and should be allowed to contest their detention before the courts, human rights watchdog Amnesty International has demanded.