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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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In the past, any asylum-seeker would try very hard to avoid immigration detention in Indonesia, as that would severely slow down their journey, and the bribes for speeding up the release were quite substantial.
ALMOST half of those quizzed are in favour of "forcibly deporting" failed asylum-seekers, and
Many asylum-seeker families spent time living in unacceptable conditions prior to presenting to the project.
Jim McCabe, who works for a letting agency that puts up 60 asylum-seekers in Coventry, said he checked on the group and found Mr Gilmrbine lying in agony.
Arrangements are also being made to move new asylum-seekers out of the Dover and Thanet area with the help of other local authorities, which are also being urged to help house the 5,000 living in Kent.
The last time there were more than 1,000 asylum-seekers being put up in Cardiff since March was in 2010.
UNHCR also urges the Bulgarian authorities to take immediate steps to improve these deplorable conditions to ensure respect for the rights of asylum-seekers and people in need of international protection.
Secondly, I think that you have assumed all asylum-seekers have left their countries with only Great Britain in mind.
The Home Secretary spoke of asylum-seekers swamping doctor surgeries and schools--this terminology only helps legitimize the far right, the neo-Nazis.
He questioned the policy of relocating asylum-seekers and refugees away from areas of high concentration to other areas of the country.
That figure will form the basis for Tony Blair's pledge to halve the number of asylum-seekers by September.
HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNS Israel has been reluctant to grant asylum-seekers legal standing within its borders amid fears it would spark a fresh exodus of migrants.
CARDIFF is home to 905 of the 1,565 asylum-seekers who have been housed in Wales, new figures reveal.
Mexico is one state that stands at a critical crossroads, as pointed out by Gretchen Kuhner, in her article "Detention of Asylum-seekers in Mexico.