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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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The asylum seekers are willing to donate their organs because they believe a part of them will gain freedom.
Normally three or four asylum seekers have been living in one room.
the regularization of the process of return of asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected.
Quoting senior government officials, Hretz reported that over the past months dozens asylum seekers had either left or agreed to leave Israel for Uganda.
At the end of last year there were more than 4,400 asylum seekers in the UK in that position.
Until now, the asylum seekers are still refusing to get off the tanker before their requests are fulfilled," said Yanuar, an immigration official in Indonesia s Cilegon city, where the boat is docked at the port of Merak.
The UNHCR will attempt to give a more balanced picture on this issue, starting from the law and then going into the practical implementation of the legal provisions as experienced by asylum seekers.
He said: "I am going to clear the backlog of asylum seekers because that is the right thing to do for asylum seekers and the country as a whole.
At the launch, a group including asylum seekers, faith leaders and voluntary workers held a discussion on issues surrounding the asylum process.
My son and his pals are in fourth year at this school and know most asylum seekers and get on well with them.
THE North West is home to the second highest number of asylum seekers living in state-funded accommodation in the UK, with 910 in Liverpool, official figures have revealed.
Betts (2001) argued that it is too simple to put negativity toward asylum seekers down to 'racism' pure and simple; rather, public opinion revolves around doubts about asylum seekers' bona tides, the wish for a strong Australian community, and 'a common sense of peoplehood' (p.
These words of a distraught father are quoted in a new photographic exhibition which features not Chile, South Africa or the Soviet Union in the Seventies but, shockingly, the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain today.
A number of asylum seekers in Australia who are living in the community and do not meet certain criteria specified by the Government are given a Bridging Visa E (BVE) while their cases are reviewed.
PROTESTERS gathered to demonstrate outside Jomast's offices for improvements to housing conditions for asylum seekers.