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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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With the economy set to shrink for a fourth successive year, anti-immigrant sentiment has increased after police last month reported it was investigating a few cases where asylum seekers are suspected of rape.
For the next year, we assume that there will be more than 30,000 asylum seekers.
The last time there were more than 1,000 asylum seekers being put up in Cardiff was in 2010.
In October, the Gazette reported the town had the highest proportion of asylum seekers in England - becoming the only place in the country to breach national guidelines.
The detainee who wrote the letter said all asylum seekers just want a good and peaceful life.
he added "Norwegian government tries different tactics to torture and compel asylum seekers to leave Norway.
Swansea hosts 523 asylum seekers while Newport is home to 391.
A number of organisations and churches have had to step in and provide support to these refugees and asylum seekers in the absence of Government support.
The Conservatives voted against it, saying the motion was about asylum SEEKERS whose cases were investigated, heard and rejected.
TASS have been integral in smashing down the human rights barriers that exist between asylum seekers and the wider Tasmanian community," Ms O'Connor said.
LORD Roberts of Llandudno will today introduce legislation which would give asylum seekers the right to work after six months waiting for a decision in their case.
Indonesia: Around 120 asylum seekers demanded Tuesday that Indonesia provide a vessel to allow them to continue to Australia, refusing to leave a tanker that rescued them at sea, an official said.
According to data from 2009, 400,000 persons left Macedonia which is more than last year's numbers but this according to analysts is not a valid indicator that the number of asylum seekers will continue to drop.
It found half of us don't realise failed asylum seekers exist in Coventry and a third of us think they should be sent back to the country they fled.
PARTS OF local society and the media view asylum seekers as abusers of the refugee and public allowance system.