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the seventh month of the Hindu calendar

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any month between the synodic month of asvina and phalguna, then the
The second half begins with asvina and ends in Phalguna.
Phaguna sukla 3 to Samvat 65 asvina 30, Visnugupta must have been killed
asvina. Both should, according to Bharadvaja's precepts as
The equation is supported by many phraseological correspondences: Vedic divo napata 'scions of the sky' (RV 1.117.12+) matches Ionic Atookovpot; Vedic (asvina) suvasva '(the Asvins) having good horses' (RV 7.68.1) matches [??] ([??]) (Pi.
5 she expresses her desire for marriage or the marriage itself in terms of a race: 10.40.5 yuvam ha ghosa pary asvina yati, rajna uce duhita prche vam nara, bhutam me ahna uta bhutam aktave, -svavate rathine saktam arvate "Circumambulating you, o Asvins, Ghosa, the daughter of the king, said to you, 'I ask you, o heroes: be here for me by day and be here by night.
I.l18.2cd pinvatam ga jinvatam arvato no / vardhayatam asvina viram asme Swell the cows; quicken our coursers; strengthen, O Asvins, the hero among us.
yam asvina [asvina.sub.a]sincatam, sa sura bahu dhavatu /2/
tam me bhagas ta asvina, tam ma *[vat.sub.a] sarasvati /11/
In RV 3,55,11, day and night are spoken of as twin sisters (yamya) who have assumed different colors, one shining bright (tayor anyad rocate), the other black (krsnam anyat); the Asvins, too, are twins and are identified with day and night (MS 3,4,4 ahoratre va asvina).
Note the parallelism of divabhipitve in 5.76.2c and diva naktam in 5.76.3c: na samskrtam pra mimito gamistha anti nunam asvinopastuteha divabhipitve 'vasagamistha praty avartim dasuse sambhavistha uta yatam samgave pratar ahno madhyamdina udita suryasya diva naktam avasa samtamena nedanim pitir asvina tatana (RV 5.76.2-3) The best going guests [the Asvins] do not scorn what is ready; even now the praised Asvins are here.