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the capital and chief port of Paraguay

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ASUNCION, Paraguay -- President Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop, was hit with two more paternity claims just a week after he acknowledged fathering a child while the Vatican still considered him to be ordained.
2 million eye hospital, inaugurated recently in Asuncion, Paraguay.
ASUNCION, Paraguay - A father and son were sentenced to prison Saturday for manslaughter and endangerment in a fire that killed at least 374 people at a supermarket owned by the two men.
This lineage is represented by human H3N2 isolates from Asuncion, Paraguay, (2001) and New York (2003).
Far removed from their former factory and partners, father and son team of Enrique and Alberto Meyer are constructing a new soluble tea plant near Asuncion, Paraguay, It is in the countryside near Ira on the highway heading south to Encarnacion and Argentina, about 35KM from the capital.
1) In order to raise more awareness of the important cultural contributions made by the Guarani and to help preserve their unique identity and heritage, the authors highlight the vital work that is being accomplished through Facultad de Lenguas Vivas / Institute of Guarani Linguistics in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Asuncion, Paraguay -- The United Nations inquisition against countries that refuse to legalize abortion continues unabated.
More than 400 victims are still in hospital after Sunday's inferno in Asuncion, Paraguay.
BRAZIL laid the ghost of last year's World Cup Final humiliation by France by outclassing youthful Uruguay 3-0 to lift the Copa America in Asuncion, Paraguay.
SOCCER: Miguel Zepeda's goal in the 87th minute gave Mexico a 2-1 victory over Chile in the third-place game of the Copa America soccer tournament in Asuncion, Paraguay.
The couple are scheduled to attend a reception given by the organizers of the COPA America tournament in Asuncion, Paraguay on June 28, and watch a COPA preliminary match between Japan and Peru the next day, according to the agency.
No doubt, the project's impacts will not be limited to the rivers and wetlands, but will extend outward in waves to encompass the entire Paraguay basin," concluded the first meeting of the Indigenous peoples of the Paraguay basin in Asuncion, Paraguay, last October.
Godsey's yarns range across the planet, from the dank and musty backwaters of 1940s Brazil to the rundown bars of Asuncion, Paraguay.