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Next step is the formation of the structure which gave rise to the astronomical objects [4-10].
MANILA -- Astronomers use a magnitude scale to measure the stellar brightness of astronomical objects.
photometry The measurement of the intensity of light from an astronomical object.
The receding velocity of any astronomical object with respect to the observer is
Taking into consideration the consequences of equation R = r [square root of (l + z)], we predict that the value of parameter H will be measured independently of the redshift z of the astronomical object.
It has a transformative power that excites our imagination like no other astronomical object.
At a distant astronomical object, located at a distance r from Earth, the rest mass [m.
By definition, the brightness is a measure of the energy flux from an astronomical object and depends on distance.
One hesitates to christen any astronomical object a Rosetta stone [for studying extrasolar planets], but in this case, one should not hesitate too long.
researchers argued that observations by the orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory indicate that the astronomical object dubbed RXJ1856.
At extremely attractive price points, the ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT include high-resolution optical systems and automatically locate any astronomical object in the sky at the push of a button.
Since bursting on the scene in early December, this bizarre astronomical object, a Milky Way resident that lies toward our galaxy's center, has ranked as the brightest known X-ray source in the heavens.
My experience was such a frustrating mess of trial and error--with plenty of the latter--that I was lucky to produce anything remotely recognizable as an astronomical object.
Washington, September 23 (ANI): A high-school student from West Virginia, US, analyzing data from a giant radio telescope, has discovered a new astronomical object - a strange type of neutron star called a rotating radio transient.
Washington, July 10 (ANI): A new research has determined that the tight cluster of stars surrounding a supermassive black hole after it has been violently kicked out of a galaxy represents a new kind of astronomical object and a fossil record of the kick.
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