celestial sphere

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the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

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Gold leaf was used to illustrated stars in Japan's oldest existing astronomical map in an ancient tomb in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, researchers of the Cultural Affairs Agency said Thursday.
Also included in our prize-winner's pack is a 24' x 16' astronomical map of the relevant constellation with the main shape clearly defined.
The work expresses imagery of the cosmos including circular configurations like planetary orbits, exploding forms that resemble star nurseries and nebula, the mandalas as astronomical maps, and metal spherical counterweights are suspended like planets but also resembling Foucault's pendulum.
Herschel's idea was to create a mechanical process whereby he could reproduce his astronomical maps and charts with a flawless precision not possible by hand.
I shall choose from the best moments of the festival: the opening concert presenting the Atlas Eclipticalis (together with Winter Music) by John Cage--the Janacek Philharmonic with many additional musicians is divided up spatially into three orchestras, into the cool beauty of the sounds generated inc accordance with astronomical maps the Ondrus miners' brass band suddenly breaks in with its two "numbers".
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