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a unit of length used for distances within the solar system


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The fourth star lies at a distance of 23 astronomical units from the planet.
The Astronomical Unit Now, in Transit of Venus: new views of the solar system and galaxy, IAU Coll.
com/astronomers-reach-verdict-distance-earth-sun-finally-790128) voted to fix the astronomical unit at 149,597,870,700 meters (92,955,807.
Planet embryos forming at one astronomical unit from the sun and moving outward through the disk "grow like gangbusters," he says, noting that in his still-preliminary calculations, a lunar-sized seed can become a Neptune in about 800,000 years.
One astronomical unit is the distance from Earth to the sun, which is 150 million kilometers (93 million miles).
In 2013, Apophis will come within a tenth of an astronomical unit 6 nearly 9,000,000 miles 6 of earth.
astronomical unit (AU) A unit of length, equal to 149 597 870.
The new fixed distance replaces a complicated equation that served as the previous definition of an astronomical unit.
The whole system fits within just over a tenth of an astronomical unit (the average distance between Earth and the Sun) -- a distance that is about a third of the radius of Mercury's orbit around the Sun.
Later, in 1716, Edmond Halley proposed using a transit of Venus to predict the precise distance between the Earth and the Sun, known as the astronomical unit.
One astronomical unit, or AU, marks the average distance from the Earth to the sun.
The Kuiper belt extends outward from the orbit of Pluto to about 70 times the Earth-sun distance, which defines an astronomical unit (AU).
This number, known as the astronomical unit, could then be used to calculate the distance between other planets and the sun.
They noticed that beyond 150 astronomical units (150 times the distance from the sun to the Earth), 10 previously discovered objects, along with Sedna and 2012 [VP.
04346 Key: Distance: The closest approach to the Earth, in astronomical units (AU).