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(astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided

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Carlo used his astrological sign, the Scorpio, as his company logo and it's this sting in its tails that is synonymous with the Abarth cars of today.
13 Patrice Evra won't fall victim to superstition not even under eccentric coach Raymond Domenech, who for reasons best known to himself does not like to pick players born under the astrological sign of Scorpio.
Hoy replaced Mercado with a quirky horoscope from Agencia Reforma written by a certain "Shanti," who not only predicts how the day will go, but lists the "favorite apostle" or "how you kiss" or "what your co-workers think of you" by astrological sign.
and filing your nails when it's waning and it's an earth or air astrological sign.
Drawing a high proportion of a particular suit number astrological sign or Element is not coincidental.
So remember, especially when you are surrounded by much that seems negative and bleak, no matter what Chinese astrological sign you were born under, this is the year to find your inner Ox.
took inspiration from the Taurus astrological sign when developing
Of special note is a Elizabeth's 'Zodiacal Cycle' in which her poetry addresses the moods, personalities, and potentialities of those who fall under each respective astrological sign.
What astrological sign applies to people born on Christmas Day?
At the same time, the magi in Babylon are preparing to follow a unique astrological sign, which forms a brief new star, to find the King of Kings.
Tips for dealing with harmful energies within and without regardless of one's current astrological sign or the immediate planet alignment are also liberally sprinkled through this serious-minded guide written expressly for serious astrology followers and practitioners.
THE Sun is in the Astrological sign of Aquarius, which began on January 19 and ends on February 18.
astrological sign of the winner, with Taurus the 6-5 favourite, while for anyone who believes Tony McCoy has chosen wrong from Martin Pipe's seven-strong team, Sporting Odds are offering 7-1 about Jurancon finishing behind one of his stablemates.
A new survey has revealed that how we behave behind the wheel depends on our astrological sign.
They compiled almost 1,000 surveys and then correlated astrological sign with library job and type of library.