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Zhang and Marsicano now show that mice lacking CB1Rs only on astroglial cells of the brain are protected from the impairments to spatial working memory that usually follow a dose of THC.
Park J, Choi K, Jeong E, Kwaon D, Benveniste EN and C Choi Reactive oxygen species mediate chloroquine induced expression of chemokines by human astroglial cells.
However, the beneficial effects that astroglial cells can exert on recovery after injury should not be neglected.
Free radical scavenging systems of rat astroglial cells in primary culture: effects of anoxia and drug treatment.
Morphological study of 5-HT neurons and astroglial cells on brain of adult rats perinatal or chronically exposed to 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid.
Stem cells derived from adults can be detected in astroglial cells of the central nervous system, skeletal muscles, osteoblasts, liver, cardiomyocyte, vascular endothelial cells, etc.
Widespread, variably intense [Beta]III staining was present in the cytoplasm of overt astroglial phenotypes with multipolar fibrillary processes (Figure 2, a through f), in large "ganglioid" astroglial cells with prominent nucleoli and fibrillary cell processes (Figure 2, f), and in small anaplastic cells resembling "primitive" glioblasts (Figure 2, g).