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In preliminary experiments, on the basis of both microscopy observations and MTT assay, we established the nontoxic concentration of the extract for astroglial cell cultures.
Nakata, "Stimulation of nuclear receptor REV-ERBs regulates tumor necrosis factor-induced expression of proinflammatory molecules in C6 astroglial cells," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol.
In the present work we have shown that the glial scar still remains even 60 days after the injury while LA treatment avoids completely the scar formation in the long term and astroglial cells are randomly distributed across the adjacent tissue.
Astroglial cells - also known as astrocytes -k have been viewed as cells that support, protect and feed neurons for the last 100 to 150 years, Marsicano explained.
With these experiments in mice, "we have found that the starting point for this phenomenon -- the effect of marijuana on working memory -- is the astroglial cells," said Giovanni Marsicano of INSERM in France.
The neuroprotective antioxidant ALA induces detoxification enzymes in cultured astroglial cells. Free Radic Res.2002;36(6):695-699.
Chloroquine also induces oxidative stress in cells such as, kidney cells and astroglial cells having high metabolic activities [3, 4].
Manganese (Mn) is an essential metal in several biological functions because it is an integral part of a series of metalloproteins such as hydrolase, kinases, decarboxylases and transferases; it also acts as a cofactor for some enzymes [8] such as glutamine synthetases (selectively expressed by astroglial cells) which use 80% of the available Mn in the central nervous system, phosphoenol piruvate carboxylase (oxidative chain) and mitochondrial super-oxide dismutase (anti-oxidant in neuronal mitochondria) [2,31,41].
Morphine regulates gene expression of alpha- and beta-chemokines and their receptors on astroglial cells via the opioid mu receptor.
Free radical scavenging systems of rat astroglial cells in primary culture: effects of anoxia and drug treatment.
Alcohol-induced inhibition of these signaling processes during fetal development impairs the proliferation of certain brain cells (i.e., astroglial cells) and may contribute to the reduced brain size (i.e., microencephaly) found in most children diagnosed with FAS (Costa et al.
Morphological study of 5-HT neurons and astroglial cells on brain of adult rats perinatal or chronically exposed to 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid.
Stem cells derived from adults can be detected in astroglial cells of the central nervous system, skeletal muscles, osteoblasts, liver, cardiomyocyte, vascular endothelial cells, etc.
Widespread, variably intense [Beta]III staining was present in the cytoplasm of overt astroglial phenotypes with multipolar fibrillary processes (Figure 2, a through f), in large "ganglioid" astroglial cells with prominent nucleoli and fibrillary cell processes (Figure 2, f), and in small anaplastic cells resembling "primitive" glioblasts (Figure 2, g).
Strosser, "Oxytocin receptors on cultured astroglial cells. Regulation by a guanine-nucleotide-binding protein and effect of [Mg.sup.2+]," The Biochemical Journal, vol.