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They found that a certain protein, known as S100B, is markedly increased in astroglial cells from patients with Down syndrome compared with those from healthy controls.
Rather, they wanted to learn why receptors that respond to both THC and signals naturally produced in the brain are found on astroglial cells.
Astroglial cells (also known as astrocytes) have been viewed as cells that support, protect and feed neurons for the last 100 to 150 years, Marsicano explained.
Park J, Choi K, Jeong E, Kwaon D, Benveniste EN and C Choi Reactive oxygen species mediate chloroquine induced expression of chemokines by human astroglial cells.
These changes are accompanied by an increase in the number of astroglial cells, and the presence of degenerated cells with electron-dense cytoplasm [10].
Morphine regulates gene expression of alpha- and beta-chemokines and their receptors on astroglial cells via the opioid mu receptor.
Free radical scavenging systems of rat astroglial cells in primary culture: effects of anoxia and drug treatment.
Morphological study of 5-HT neurons and astroglial cells on brain of adult rats perinatal or chronically exposed to 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid.
Stem cells derived from adults can be detected in astroglial cells of the central nervous system, skeletal muscles, osteoblasts, liver, cardiomyocyte, vascular endothelial cells, etc.
Widespread, variably intense [Beta]III staining was present in the cytoplasm of overt astroglial phenotypes with multipolar fibrillary processes (Figure 2, a through f), in large "ganglioid" astroglial cells with prominent nucleoli and fibrillary cell processes (Figure 2, f), and in small anaplastic cells resembling "primitive" glioblasts (Figure 2, g).