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This present study examines the antioxidative effects of LPNS in primary astrocytes and a neuroblastoma cell line, SHSY5Y, and examines the effect of LPNS on the transcription factor Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2(nrf2), a master regulator of antioxidative defense mechanisms, and downstream enzyme.
In the next section, we discuss the contribution of astrocytes to brain metastasis.
Alexander disease (fibrinoid leucodystrophy), originally described by Alexander in 1949, (1) is a rare, fatal, nonfamilial leucoencephalopathy caused by astrocyte dysfunction characterised by missense mutation in the genes coding for glial fibrillary acidic protein(GFAP).
The astrocyte is known to have a wide range of functions, including supplying nutrients to other brain cells, and helping the brain cope with damaged nerve cells.
At a higher magnification, the vimentin-IR was detected in glial cells, namely in ependymocytes that compose the wall of the 3V, and in astrocytes surrounding blood vessels (Fig.
The plasmatofibrous astrocytes have the combined features of the other two types and are found at the junction of the gray and white matter in the brain.
Astrocytes nestle some of their pointed projections against synapses, playing a role in how neurons make connections.
This projects converges an original multidisciplinary research program, spanning the fields of molecular neurobiology, neuroelectronics and circadian biology, to unravel the molecular and functional mechanisms by which neurons and astrocytes cooperate to influence circadian rhythmicity in mammals.
Gliosis and more reactive astrocytes than usual were seen, some accumulating eosinophilic droplets.
Using genetic methods to map the fate of the cells, the scientists could demonstrate that astrocytes in this area formed immature nerve cells, which then developed into mature nerve cells.
Astrocytes in (patho)physiology of the nervous system.
To test this hypothesis, we examined the IL-6 secreting ability of the astrocytes in both the left and right neocortex treated with lipopolysaccharide(LPS) cultured in vitro.
Star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes are finally getting their chance to shine.
Ongoing research should shed new light on astrocytes and may lead to powerful new ways to stop MS and reverse its damage.