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Synonyms for asthmatic

a person suffering from asthma

relating to breathing with a whistling sound

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My gorge had long since risen at the deed; the unforeseen circumstances had rendered it impossible from the first; but now I could afford to recognize the impossibility, and to think of Raffles and the asthmatic alike without a qualm.
Every flat-car, box-car, coach, asthmatic switch engine, and even hand-car that mob of Spiggoties had shoved off the dock into sixty feet of water on top of the Governor Hancock.
He had come on board breathless with the hurried winding up of his shore affairs, accompanied by two horrible night-birds, escorted by a dock policeman on the make, received by an asthmatic shadow of a ship- keeper, warned not to make a noise in the darkness of the passage because the captain and his wife were already on board.
How the young man from Cambridge sulkily put his five great-coats in front; but was reconciled when little Miss Sharp was made to quit the carriage, and mount up beside him--when he covered her up in one of his Benjamins, and became perfectly good-humoured--how the asthmatic gentleman, the prim lady, who declared upon her sacred honour she had never travelled in a public carriage before (there is always such a lady in a coach--Alas
They were always in a hurry, and yet seemed to have nothing tangible to do; except a few of them (these, mostly asthmatic and thick-lipped) who were for ever demonstrating to the rest, with gold pencil-cases which they could hardly hold because of the big rings on their forefingers, how money was to be made.
Being short-necked and asthmatic, however, he respired principally through this feature; so, perhaps, what it wanted in ornament, it made up in usefulness.
The study provides the first evidence that boosting asthmatics immune systems can help reduce the number of asthma attacks due to the common cold and other viral infections for the 5.
ASTHMATICS are better at fighting swine flu, according to research by the University of Liverpool.
Asthmatics have long noted that symptom severity varies daily and seasonally.
This rocky mountain city has an altitude that makes it friendly for asthmatics.
Researchers said in general, asthmatics are more likely to have an allergy-prone immune response that could trigger inflammatory conditions such as coronary artery disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.
Several phenotypic categories for asthmatics have been identified including clinical, trigger and immunopathological.
2] were significantly larger in magnitude among urban subjects and asthmatics compared with suburban subjects and nonasthmatics, respectively, but [PM.
Researchers found that asthmatics with high vitamin D levels have better lung function and respond better to treatment than do asthmatics with low vitamin D levels, reports HealthDay.
An inhaler comes in handy during these episodes, and should be the first line of treatment for all asthmatics.