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Synonyms for asthmatic

a person suffering from asthma

relating to breathing with a whistling sound

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My gorge had long since risen at the deed; the unforeseen circumstances had rendered it impossible from the first; but now I could afford to recognize the impossibility, and to think of Raffles and the asthmatic alike without a qualm.
Being short-necked and asthmatic, however, he respired principally through this feature; so, perhaps, what it wanted in ornament, it made up in usefulness.
Mawmsey was not only an overseer (it was about a question of outdoor pay that he was having an interview with Lydgate), he was also asthmatic and had an increasing family: thus, from a medical point of view, as well as from his own, he was an important man; indeed, an exceptional grocer, whose hair was arranged in a flame-like pyramid, and whose retail deference was of the cordial, encouraging kind--jocosely complimentary, and with a certain considerate abstinence from letting out the full force of his mind.
He had come on board breathless with the hurried winding up of his shore affairs, accompanied by two horrible night-birds, escorted by a dock policeman on the make, received by an asthmatic shadow of a ship- keeper, warned not to make a noise in the darkness of the passage because the captain and his wife were already on board.
You mentioned your name, as if I should recognize it, but I assure you that, beyond the obvious facts that you are a bachelor, a solicitor, a Freemason, and an asthmatic, I know nothing whatever about you.
Every flat-car, box-car, coach, asthmatic switch engine, and even hand-car that mob of Spiggoties had shoved off the dock into sixty feet of water on top of the Governor Hancock.
We aimed to analyze the concentrations of these molecules in the airways and relationships with disease severity and with airway infiltration of inflammatory cells in a large cohort of asthmatics (n = 70, including 37 mild and 33 moderate/severe asthmatics) compared with controls (n = 30).
In a limited number of studies in the literature, the number of dental caries of asthmatics increased with age.
Genetically unrelated and clinically diagnosed 200 asthmatics along with 200 healthy controls were voluntarily recruited for this study.
Increased expression of eotaxin in bronchoalveolar lavage and airways of asthmatics contributes to the chemotaxis of eosinophils to the site of inflammation.
by Times News Service It is recommended that asthmatics regularly check daily weather reports.
5,6) PEFR shows hour to hour variation that follows a specific pattern in asthmatics as well as in normal individuals as has been identified in earlier studies.
19 have also reported that asthmatics have poor periodontal health than control population.
He said that brittle asthmatics are also very susceptible to sudden and often unpredictable changes in their condition, and this is where the term 'brittle' is used.
Asthmatics are often fed up with common misconceptions about their illness, like: they are not allowed to eat chicken or chocolate, they always have to avoid extraneous activities, they are not capable of having furry pets, and the most common of all, they lose all the fun in life.