asteroid belt

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the region of interplanetary space between Mars and Jupiter where most asteroids are found

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As the space shuttle "takes off" passengers will be enveloped in a heart-pounding, fast-moving ride as the crew encounters a dangerous, uncharted asteroid field and manages to save the Earth from disaster.
The most valuable materials in the game will often reside in dense asteroid fields, so pilots will have to avoid compressed pockets of gas, volatile materials, and seismic vibrations.
Kids of all ages can pilot the virtual spacecraft through asteroid fields in a variety of universes, including in their own living rooms, using augmented reality.
This optional control scheme gives you even more precise control as you navigate asteroid fields and waves of enemy lasers, and adds an all-new layer of involvement to the game.
You can also journey to never-before-seen planets in an upgradeable spacecraft while blasting through asteroid fields and enemy ships.
In Tom And Jerry: Blast Off To Mars, cat and mouse must join forces with a young Martian girl to battle asteroid fields, the invasion of Earth, and a giant alien robot bent on destroying everything in its path.
Nebulas and asteroid fields ooze with colours and effects to provide an experience that is superb.
Players also navigate their spaceship through asteroid fields and rescue astronauts from the moon's surface in two fast-paced games.