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any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack cell walls and can survive without oxygen

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Generos e especies fitoplanctonicas identificados em aliquota de agua coletada na area de estudo Grupo Genero Ind ml-1 Basillariophyceae Aulacoseira spl 26 Caloneis sp 34 Trachelomonas spl 163 Chlorophyceae Asterococcus cf limneticus 34 Eutetramorus sp 1 9 Cryptophyceae Rhodomonas cf minuta 566 Cyanophyceae Microsystis sp 1090 Microsystis Sp2 94 Microsystis sp3 51 Pseudanabaena spl 86 Euglenophyceae Mallomonas Sp2 17 Zygnemaphyceae Gonatozygon pilosum 26 Sirogonium sp 9 Chlorophysease 2% Crytophyceae 10% Zygnemaphyceae 25% Bacillariophyceae 60% Cyanophyceae 2% Euglenophyceae 1% Note: Table made from pie chart.