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plants with heads composed of many florets: aster

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Also in 1987, Bremer presented the first cladistic analysis of Asteraceae involving 81 characters of morphology, anatomy, chromosomes, chemistry, and the chloroplast DNA inversion.
This slight dormancy has been demonstrated for several species of Asteraceae from central Texas (Baskin et al.
Las familias mas diversas fueron Asteraceae (31 especies), Poaceae (17), Fabaceae (8), Brassicaceae (5), Orobanchaceae (3), Rosaceae (3) y Solanaceae (3) (Figura 3).
A review of the Central American species of Pentacalia (Asteraceae: Senecioneae).
The botanical families most frequently involved in interactions with galling insects were Asteraceae (27 morphotypes on 17 plant species), Fabaceae (22 morphotypes on six plant species) and Anacardiaceae (eight morphotypes on two plants species), whereas the rest of the families had fewer than seven morphotypes each (Table 2).
Results also showed that generally vegetative growth stage produced 7.74% greater amount of total mineral nutrients overall in all the studied Asteraceae species [except Seriphidium quettense (Podlech) Ling, Bull] over than their respective reproductive growth stage.
While many individuals of Oedaleus infernalis were found on the ground, most Acrida cinerea and Atractomorpha lata were observed on Poaceae (usually Zoysia japonica) and Asteraceae (usually Artemisia princeps or Aster pilosus), respectively (Table 1).