Aster novi-belgii

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North American perennial herb having small autumn-blooming purple or pink or white flowers

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Right is a flower from the Aster novi-belgii that she avoids at Glebe Cottage because they are more prone to mildew
The most widely cultivated types are varieties of aster novi-belgii and vary in height from 12ins - Jenny (purplish red) and Audrey (mauve) to 36 or even 48ins - Winston S.
While its root spread can be contained with the blade of a spade, it is the aster's susceptibility to mildew that gardeners find most threatening, especially among the aster novi-belgii group from North America, one of our most widely grown varieties.
It was begun by Edward Ballard, a chemist and hobby gardener who became a nurseryman by default, as a result of his success in raising exquisite new varieties of Aster novi-belgii, also known as New York asters.
But so many superior varieties are now available from the North American Aster novi-belgii, the plant is indispensable in the autumn garden, so long as specimens are divided at least every fourth spring when all but the young outer shoots should be discarded.
Alternatively, try the pink and purple shades of a variety of Aster novi-belgii, which is compact, bushy and suitable for container planting.
TO create a seamless late-flowering border, look to nature for inspiration and plant feather reed grass, Calamagrostis Karl Foerster with the Michaelmas daisies Aster novi-belgii Coombe Rosemary and Ada Ballard and agapanthus in interlocking bold drifts.