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a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series)

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Instead of the traditional means of reduced-voltage starting using autotransformers, reactors, or resistors, the ASTAT XT Soft Starter is a reduced-voltage starter that uses advanced digital technology to protect and control motors.
Customers are demanding easy-to-use, cost-competitive soft starters, and GE meets the demand with its ASTAT XT," says Paul Bunnell, drives & soft starter product manager with GE Consumer & Industrial's electrical distribution business.
Offering motor protection with IEC Class 10 or Class 20 and NEMA Class 10, Class 20 and Class 30 overload, the ASTAT XT Soft Starter delivers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a range of standard AC motors (8A-1400A and 230V-690V).
astat ed and so wasn't able (apart from the odd occasion when the couple put on a united front for the sake of their sons) to maintain any kind of warm relationship with him once they'd separated.
The instructor will cover both NEMA and IEC products including, but not limited to, pushbuttons, starters and ASTAT solid-state starters with time spent on drives.